‘CoLab’ will offer new learning space for Greensboro students

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Greensboro Partnership and Chamber of Commerce hosted the city's annual State of our Community luncheon Wednesday.

Leaders highlighted growth in Greensboro, mentioning the Union Square campus project and the Steven B. Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.

The Partnership and Action Greensboro also announced a new learning space endeavor called CoLab.

It would house projects such as the Entrepreneur Connection and StartUp Lab Accelerator, as well as offer space for students in the area's seven colleges and universities to invent, create and innovate.

"It is a tool for economic development. And it's a way for us also to retain our talent, our young professionals in Greensboro, because they have wonderful ideas to start new businesses," explained Chamber of Commerce President Deborah Hooper.

Elon University owns the building CoLab will operate within at 229 North Greene Street. They're offering the space free of charge to promote entrepreneurship and higher-education.

The CoLab will also have the fastest internet in town. North State is installing gigabit speed internet through their fiber network. It's described as an "ultrafast" connection.

North State President and CEO Royster Tucker told FOX8, "You could say -- what do you need that much speed for today on the internet? Well, what it does is it lays the foundation for what's going to be coming down the internet in the future."

The ultrafast internet will become available in the coming weeks and months, Tucker said, as they expand the fiber network throughout the region.