Students’ science project repels sharks and stingrays


DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Four students may have found a way for swimmers to stay in the water, even when sharks are lurking nearby.

Their invention — Shark X — works to repel or keep predators like jaws away.

“The worry of sharks or a shark attack is kind of in the back of in the back of the mind of every surfer,” said Tasman Rosenfeld, one of the Grandview Preparatory School students behind Shark X.

Ninth-grader Tasman Rosenfeld, who loves the ocean, is the brainchild behind the idea. Shark X started as a science project.

He said, “I had knowledge about elasmobranchs , cartilaginous fish and their sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields and pulses.”

Rosenfeld created this magnetic bracelet, which sends the shark swimming away when in close proximity. Onlookers watched intensely.

“Well, when he first put it in and the shark moved away and I was like wow this really worked and I was amazed,” said Judy Hull.

Not only does it work on sharks, it also keeps stingrays at a distance.

The schools Headmaster said the teens got rave reviews at a school fair.

“The entrepreneur fair was a way to get the kids to use their own ideas coupled with what they’ve been learning in school and outside of school and come up with something that would be useful to the world,” said Jackie Westerfield, Head of School at Grandview Preparatory School.

Which means more play time in the water and less worrying about sharks.

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