NC mystery horse needs home

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HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. — Henderson County deputies say they need help finding a home for a horse that appeared on an Etowah farm.

Hank the horse needs a home. It remains a mystery where Hank came from. (Image: WLOS-TV via NDN)

Hank the horse needs a home. It remains a mystery where Hank came from. (Image: WLOS-TV via NDN)

WLOS-TV reported that Red Top Farm has been caring for the animal since it showed up Wednesday.

Veterinarian Beverly Hargus says the horse, who is being called Hank, isn’t doing well.

He’s old and very sick. Hargus donated her services free of charge, when concerned horse owners called her out to the farm Friday to take a look at Hank.

The stiff leg, the gnarled mane, the ripples of ribs are all signs this horse needs a good home. But so far, no one knows where that is.

“I went down to feed two horses and it was out there hung in the fence with a wire wrapped around its leg,” says Sylvene McDowell, the farm manager, who found Hank.

McDowell says it’s possible Hank didn’t show up on her farm by accident. She says the gate was shut behind the horse, meaning someone had to be there to fasten him inside the pasture.

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office has contacted all the farms in the area looking for a lead.

“If there’s anyone that was maybe missing a horse or has seen one or knows of a horse that may be missing, so far, we have had no contact with anyone who knows anything about a horse,” says Deputy Brian Barnett.

Barnett is asking anyone with information on the horse to please call the Sheriff’s Office at (828) 697-4596.

Red Top Farm will care for the horse until Monday. If no owner comes forward, or anyone willing to adopt the horse, animal rescue plans to take over.