Teacher suspended after telling students to reenact Michael Brown shooting

Brantley Elementary (Google)

Brantley Elementary (Google)

SELMA, Ala. — An elementary school teacher in Alabama has been accused of instructing her students to reenact the Ferguson, Mo. shooting of an unarmed teenager.

According to the Selma Times Journal, students were reportedly asked to research the shooting online, finding out such details as to how many times Michael Brown was shot and where.

The information was revealed when the mother of a Brantley Elementary School student posted a complaint Tuesday on the Sound Off Selma Facebook page.

In the post, Guaghn expressed her shock after learning a teacher had told the class to reenact the shooting in which Brown was shot by police Aug. 9.

“I don’t think that it needs to be talked about at school at all, let alone reenacted,” Baughn said. “It scares me as a parent, because any one of those children could have picked up their aunt, uncle, grandma or whoever’s gun and pointed it at another child and it went off accidentally.”

Dallas County Schools Superintendent of Education Don Willingham said an instructor was teaching about current events, as planned, when someone brought up the Brown shooting.

He said the class conducted a “skit” about the Brown incident, but declined to give further details of the “skit” or who suggested it.

The unnamed teacher involved was placed on administrative leave while the situation is being investigated.

Source: Selma Times Journal

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