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Sliver of green adorns Winston-Salem neighborhood

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Lockland Park occupies 1.86 acres at Lockland Avenue and Grace St. in Winston-Salem, N.C. (David Rolfe/Journal)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Lockland Park is a blip on the map, almost indiscernible without a magnifying glass, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. 

Yet the 1.86-acre sliver of green sandwiched between Lockland Avenue and Grace Street Southwest is arguably one of the city’s most peaceful microparks.

With a babbling creek, woods and greenery, the park is a little piece of nature preserved amid a sea of houses.

A lot of people don’t know about the park because it’s so small, said Shannon English, who lives next to the park.

“I just like that it’s so centrally located,” English said. “I think it’s also a great resource for people who are at the hospital and can come down and eat their lunch there.”

A minute away from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, the park often attracts medical professionals who use the park’s picnic area or the trails and playground to sneak in a midday workout.

English said it would also be a good place for families of patients or even patients with a day pass to come and bask in the solace.

The park features a playground, picnic shelter, grill, a walking trail in the woods and a bit of green space.

“Sometimes we have neighborhood gatherings — barbecues and ice-cream socials mostly — down there,” English said. “Everyone in the neighborhood loves it, and we’re so fortunate to have it down on this side of Hawthorne.”

English and her husband like to walk in the park, and with a newborn baby, she said they’re excited to have the playground so close by.

The park is popular with the community members, but children especially seem to love it.

“There’s always a ton of kids down there, playing on the swings, having fun,” Veronica Bennett said. “Personally, I love the trees and the shade. It’s just a good place to go to hang out.”

Bennett, who lives nearby, walks her dog through the park every day. She likes that the park provides an escape from the rows of houses and gives her a glimpse of nature.

“I like living near it and I like looking at it from my porch,” Bennett said. “It’s a gorgeous park and we’re lucky to have it.”