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Boycott threat over illegal immigration proposed in Surry Co.

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DOBSON, N.C. -- Frustrated over illegal immigration, Surry County Commissioners are sending a clear message to lawmakers in Washington and officials in Central America, -- "enforce human trafficking laws or face potential boycott of your products in North Carolina," said County Commissioner Larry Phillips Monday night.

Phillips introduced a resolution to send to Congress and Embassies in Honduras, Ecuador and Guatemala saying do something or they'll ask residents to boycott products from the countries that are typically found in big box stores.

"We are on the bottom of the political food chain. We don't have a lot of leverage," said Phillips. "So we're trying to use what leverage we have to speak to our federal legislature and the presidents with all due respect, step in and fix the problem."

Not only do county commissioners want more done they want the federal government to understand how illegals, especially children, strain local resources. In the past year nearly 60,000 unaccompanied minors, fleeing violence in Central America, have entered the United States illegally.

"I think the federal government's refusal to enforce federal immigration laws in this nation has probably reached a boiling point," said Commissioner Chairman Eddie Harris.

Gov. Pat McCrory recently estimated nearly 1,500 minors found their way to North Carolina.

"The question is how many of [the minors] are in Surry County? We don't know," said Phillips. "How do we protect them, how do we verify their immunization status, their wellbeing, we simply don't know."

Commissioners plan to vote on the resolution at their next meeting