Parking lot provider bans loud music during Panthers games

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As Carolina Panthers fans prepare for the second preseason game this weekend, some fans are rethinking where they’ll tailgate prior to the game.

Changes have been made by the main private parking provider, according to WSOC.

The company said it has had complaints from customers for years about loud music that turns into a block party and ruins a family atmosphere.

For other fans, tailgating is a tradition.

One fan said a Preferred Parking official told her last week, “turn down the music or you’ve got to leave.”

In the spring, Preferred Parking met with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and the Panthers to talk about the change that is now in effect.

Fans can no longer use or set up amplified sound equipment but can play music on personal sound devices, like iPod speakers.

“If you’re buying a single stall, your music should not (be heard) over 50 stalls,” Benjamin Sands, Preferred Parking’s general manager, said.

Sands said the change was made over concern for safety for customers and employees.

The new rule is outlined in the company’s rules and code of conduct, something all fans receive when paying $60 to have a spot to tailgate.

Preferred Parking said it will ask customers who are playing amplified music to first turn it down or off then ask them to leave if they don’t comply.

Source: WSOC