Drivers at Caraway react to new NASCAR rule

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Local drivers at the NASCAR sanctioned Caraway Speedway welcomed news Friday of NASCAR forbidding drivers to get out of a vehicle after a wreck.

"People love to see a little drama and action," said long-time Caraway driver Carl Auman, who says he’s never gotten out of his vehicle in his nearly 30-year racing career. "Sometimes the tempers can get the best of you,” he said. “You know you have to grab a hold of yourself.”

The official rule comes after driver Kevin Ward, Jr. was run over and killed by Tony Stewart last weekend. Ward got out of his car after a wreck and walked out onto the track. Now NASCAR officials say drivers must first turn off the engine and stay in their car until emergency crews can walk the driver to either an ambulance or emergency tent. The only exception is if the vehicle is on fire.

"A lot of times maybe that's exciting for a fan to see someone get out and show their emotion but I feel like they can just as well show there emotion while racing or an interview later,” said Annabeth Barnes, a racer from Hiddenite. “It’s definitely not the time on the track when there’s a car and it’s dangerous."

NASCAR officials say a driver could be fined if they break the new rule.