Woman says police officer shot, killed her ‘old, harmless’ dog

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A woman was crying on her father’s shoulder Wednesday afternoon as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department detectives surveyed the scene where her dog Katrina was shot and killed.

According to WSOC, Dianna McCullough said Wednesday morning two plain-clothed men in a police car came to her house.

The men said they were detectives from Gaston County and were there looking for her sister to ask about an incident last night.

McCollough asked them to meet her around back. A short time later she heard gunshots.

McCollough described her dog as old and harmless. Katrina, a pit bull, was an indoor dog and McCollough had just let her out to use the bathroom.

“And she is a pit bull, so there you go there is your label. She’s never hurt anybody ever,” McCullough said.

McCollough’s father said the officers claimed the dog was coming at them aggressively. He thinks Katrina was just coming to say hello.

“She greets people with her head down. Tail wagging. She was just investigating who was coming onto her property,” homeowner Wayne Baucom said.

After killing the dog, the family says the officers left and did not identify what agency from Gaston County they were from.

Gaston County Police said two of their officers were the ones who showed up to the home. They say they’re investigating what happened.