Weather Blog: The cool down begins soon

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This has not been a very hot summer by North Carolina standards.

We got off to a hot start, but that began to change during July.   We had several cold fronts move through during the “Dog Days of Summer”, the period from July 3rd to August 11th when many years we get no relief.

June was actually 1.6° hotter than normal and had seven 90 degree days, but July made up for that as it was 1.4° cooler than normal.  Still, there were ten 90 degree days and we topped out at 96 on July 14th for the hottest day so far this summer.    August has gotten off to an even cooler start.   We are running 5.4° below normal this month with our hottest reading so far only 89° through August 13th.   We do expect a warm-up over the next week and probably a few more 90 degree days.   The period from late August into early September can still get very hot, so we will have to wait and see if the summer will finish as it began.

From a climatological perspective we are now nearing the point of rapid cool down.   Just look at the graphic below.    Over the past 4 weeks, our normal temperatures cool by only one-half degree.   Over the next 2 weeks it is 2° drop and over the next 4 weeks a whopping 5.5° drop.   Are you ready for fall?   Ready or not, it will be felt in only a few weeks.

Season Cool Down 2