Second police shooting reported in Missouri; woman shot in drive-by

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FERGUSON, Mo. — Shootings continued overnight in Ferguson, Mo. as police shot at a man pointing a gun at them and a woman was shot in a separate drive-by shooting.

According to KTVI, around 1 a.m. four men in ski masks and armed with shotguns approached a crowd at Sheffingdell Court and fired shots.

Police chased the suspected shooter and when the gunman pointed his gun at the officer, the officer shot the man.

The suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The officer was not injured.

In a separate shooting around 12:20 a.m., a woman was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting on Highmont Drive. She is expected to survive. Police are looking for 4-5 men in a car.

Source: KTVI


  • Doc Bennett

    Write what you will, BUT when the truth comes out and; we all see how the Police Officer was defending his life, and these EYE witnesses lied or weren’t there, you will forget about what you have written.

    By the way where is Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton?

  • m.f.

    Fox news you should really do a better job with head lines because you make it sound as though the officers have done something wrong and trust me it is getting old with everyone making police the bad guy.

    • dewey

      well, if history is looked at, no matter how wrong the cop is, through self-investigation and the police union, he’ll be cleared of any wrongdoing…..yet we already know cops aren’t worth the gas they spend riding around hassling citizens……you should check out a website called….can’t comment there unless you are a verified LEO….read the comments on the stories and then ask yourself if you want to run into ANY of the posters there

    • JT

      Uh, they have (and continue) to do “something wrong.” They killed an unarmed KID, and now they are tear gassing protesters and shooting at them with rubber bullets. Additionally, they are denying news coverage in the town and arresting journalists. There is a no-fly zone over the town right now. All because they shot a black kid and refuse to admit that something is wrong with that.

  • justice

    Dewey–look at greensboro, they lave the bare minimum law enforcement coverage per capita. Its a killing field. Isolated but all are subject to be robbed in the area. Know I know that your a one man war machine. So where are you going to be when society throws out all these officers you hate. You choose because Fire dept. don’t roll in a hot zone nor EMS. All mass transit will be suspended because it will be a major shooting gallery. Oh, how is you farm coming because food transports will be military or suspended because of hi jackings, Oh you will hunt so will everyone else. By the way you wont be a ninja on this thing anymore because no water or lights. So good luck if you can protect all the people you care about medical and in all safety aspects. you are a better man than me

  • greatclits

    black friends tell me that these are N___ being N___, only death can cure their ignorance …… watch your TV and see for yourself, looting … rioting are all signs of criminals comiting felonies

  • John Shoemaker

    I am a retired “white” Police Officer with 27 years experience and worked in a predominantly black neighborhood. I was welcomed by the black community more than the white community. I am not saying it was all roses but when enforcing the Law and maintaining peace and order, an officer needs to take the time to know the citizens on his beat and develop a rapport with them. I was not there and will not use knee jerk reactions to judge or defend either however, being straight forward with the public and Agency transparency seems to produce a better agency/citizen relationship. No matter how you look at the incident it is a lose-lose. Hopefully the investigation reveals the truth and any to be held accountable will be. Prayers to both the officer and victims family, to much killing of each other. May God have mercy on us all.

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