Thomasville family upset with sheriff’s response to stolen puppies

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — The theft of four puppies and a family dog in Thomasville was not as surprising to Harvey Baker as what he heard from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office when he called to report the theft.

“They said they can take a report over the phone, that they were real busy and would send an investigator out within seven to 10 days,” said Baker.

Baker believes the theft occurred around 2 a.m. Sunday morning. A neighbor told Baker that a dark-colored, four door car was parked in the family driveway at that time.

Since filing a report over the phone on Sunday, Baker and his daughter Stephanie have been visiting animal shelters looking for the 2-year-old brindle pit mix that just had her litter seven weeks ago.

“If we want her back we have to find her,” Baker said.

When FOX8 contacted the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, they said after a busy weekend it sometimes takes 2-3 days to get a detective assigned to a low priority case like the dog theft. The detective who spoke with FOX8 was surprised that anyone with the office would tell Baker that it would take a week or more for Baker to talk with an investigator.

Baker believes even two or three days is too much because there were tire tracks left behind that have washed away since he first noticed them.

Two of the puppies Baker is looking for are traditional brindle pits, which means they have brown backs and black stripes. The third dog is tan and the final dog is black and white.


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