Hampton Elementary in Greensboro starting early

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Summer is over for some Guilford County students. Hampton Elementary University Partnership Magnet School will welcome students on Monday.

The early start is part of the schools turnaround after years of low scores. This year school officials decided to start fresh with new teachers, a new principal, additional class time and a partnership with NC A&T.

"To see all the changes that we've gone through in a very short period of time has been amazing," says Principal Thyais Maxwell, who has been given the task of leading the turnaround at the school.

In addition to new teachers the school is starting a week earlier and adding 45 minutes to each day.

"We were able to do more things academically with the extension of our reading block, extension of our math block and be in-depth with science and social studies."

The once year-round school, of 6 weeks in class and 6 weeks off, switched to the new schedule to also help keep education consistent.

"We can have the continual learning process and not having to do so much relearning and re-teaching when they walk back-in."

The school is also partnering with NC A&T to bring more experience from the university into Hampton's classrooms.

The school district is planning or in the works of turning around six other schools.


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  • Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    Saw the first couple of words in the headline “Hampton Elementary” and the Hamptons immediately came to mind. I clicked on the video hoping to see little hotties, but I was sorely disappointed. Expected to see the beautiful, classy, little white girls that inhabit the Hamptons of Long Island, New York. But all I could see is black. Everything black. A place in North Carolina it turns out. With Hampton you are missing only the S in Hamptons. But what you miss is a lot more exhilarating than a mere S. What you are missing is beautiful, classy, little white girls.

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