McCrory signs $21.1 billion NC budget bill


RALEIGH — Gov. Pat McCrory signed the 2015 North Carolina budget into law Thursday morning in Raleigh.

Last week, the state Senate and House passed an agreement on the $21 billion budget.

It gives teachers an average 7 percent raise, which Republicans said is the largest teacher raise in state history.

Some were against the plan because many long-term teachers won’t see big raises.

Source: WSOC

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    • Chucky

      Sometimes it’s better to let people think your an idiot rather than saying something that proves it.

  • Celia

    If you read the new salary schedule, after this ‘raise’ teachers will only get a raise every 5 years! Where else can a professional work with no hope of a raise except on a predetermined, static system like this. No where! Meanwhile, the governor and our legislators are giving raises to their staff for their good work and to account for cost of living and insurance increases. Shame on you Mr. Governor and NC legislators. November is coming! BTW Mr. Tillis…you can forget about Washington.

    • Chucky

      There are other employees who are on similar pay schedules. They only get what the general assembly gives them between raises which has been nothing for some employees. :(

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