‘Selfie’ may have implicated suspect in NC school counselor’s death

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Sharman Howard Odom is a suspect in connection to the homicide of 31-year-old Maggie Daniels.

NEWTON, N.C. — Police say a “selfie” taken by a man suspected of killing a Newton school counselor may aid in their investigation.

Investigators say Maggie Daniels died of strangulation. She was found dead in her apartment back in June.

Sharman Howard Odom, 34, was in court Monday, where a search warrant with details was unsealed.

The search warrant revealed that there was a struggle between Odom and Daniels that day in her apartment.

Police searched data in Odom’s phone and found that he had taken a “selfie” photo, which could have implications in the case, police say. In the selfie, taken on the same day Daniels’ body was found, Odom’s face was badly scratched.

The investigation has concluded that Daniels died the night before her body was found, before the selfie picture was taken.

Police have said that there is nothing to indicate any relationship between Odom and Daniels.

Odom was given a court-appointed attorney and had a probable cause hearing set for Aug. 28.

Source: WBTV


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