NC father accused of shaking baby, causing ‘serious injuries’


CHARLOTTE, N.C.– A father has been charged after police believe he abused his 2-month-old son.

Scott Matthew Moss

Scott Matthew Moss

According to WSOC, Scott Matthew Moss, 28, confessed to shaking the infant, causing serious injuries to his son.

Police say the abuse occurred on College Street in Charlotte.

Doctors at Presbyterian Hospital say the infant had suffered both old and new injuries.

Moss has been charged with child abuse, police say.

Source: WSOC

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  • FaithC

    What is wrong with people? Raising children is time consuming, if you can’t handle it, don’t have them. Where was the mother in this? The article said old and new injuries. You mean she was unaware, I doubt it.

  • Tracey

    “So Sad”, now when the parents are of ethnic background, the word here on thes post at “do the same to the parents” “they are animals” “send them to jail”, “those people”, but when it is of eurpoean decent, the post are “so sad”.

    • Chucky

      That’s right idiot. Try to turn it into a race issue. I think they were saying it was sad that the baby was injured… not that the guy was arrested for it.

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