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Man charged with feeding neighbor’s dog meat filled with razor blades

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. — A Kentucky man faces charges after police say he fed his neighbor’s dog meat filled with razor blades, according to WLKY.

Jim Stotts said his dog, Nibbles, started to show signs of pain on July 15. A vet discovered a blockage in the dog’s stomach. Stotts was unable to pay $600 for the treatment and the dog died on July 18.

The same day Nibbles died, Stotts said he stopped Bolt from chewing on something.

“It was Canadian bacon that had been cut in half with broken pieces of razorblade stuffed in the side. I found three pieces. The fourth piece was the one Nibbles got,” Stotts said.

Stotts’ neighbor, Robert Hamme, 60, admitted to police he placed razorblades in the meat because he was frustrated with the dog’s constant barking. He admitted to officers he threw the meat over his neighbor’s fence.

Hamme was arrested and charged with two counts of animal torture; one a Class A misdemeanor for physical injury and the other a Class D felony since the dog died as a result of the torture.


    • anom

      you are so right…..feed the ahole thing w/o the meat. it is so sad the vet wasnt able to work with the man to save his pet……nibbles you are now free of pain and suffer at rainbow bridge….

  • Love Life

    The man who did this needs years of jail time! He needs to pay restitution for what he did! He is mentally ill! So sad for the family!

  • Diane

    Communication folks adult to adult. Don’t make the poor dog suffer and die because you don’t communicate properly.
    You never torture anything and expect to get a positive results.

  • Tracey

    Was the man torture from the constant barking at night and suffering from sleep deprivation? There is more to the story. The owner shoudl have been fed the blades instead of the dog, since he couldn’t control his dog!

  • Karl Hubrath

    People I think it would be best for this poor excuse of a person to pay a fine that went towards a dog shelter and that he volunteered at the dog shelters, cleaning the cages, where he will no doubt here the dogs barking, however more importantly may, just may be able to relate better towards the dogs, God bless.

    • sinner 3

      Thats good thinking ! So lets put the molesters with the kids and the addicts in charge of the drugs ! Water=head !!

  • John Moore

    Not one vet could do the necessary surgery, to save a dog that was victimized by a obviously sick human being. These animal tortures need to stay out of the judicial system and just be tried in the court of the public. I believe the dog would get justice!

  • pauletta

    This is awful/horrible.This man needs put away for more than 5 months;if I was a vet,I would be POOR as I would not turn any pet away.This man should also have to pay to put money into a fund so the next pet can be helped.He should also be put on the animal abuser/killer registry

  • Beverly Ackert Williams

    The vet was only going to charge 600 dollars to save this sweet dog and they chose to let the dog die instead? Do vets not take an oath when they get their license? Was there no payment plan possible? Truth be known,the guy who did this should have had to pay to save this dog. Shame on this man and also on the vet who wouldn’t save the animal and worry about payment later. I realize it is a business but animals are innocent and can’t pay for themselves. Humans can’t be refused for emergency care why can defenseless animals?

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