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Video captures murder suspect’s mother attacking NC reporter, photographer

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NEWTON, N.C. — The mother of murder suspect Sharman Odom is accused of attacking an NC reporter and photographer outside the courthouse Monday morning.

The attack was caught on tape.

The mother also apparently attacked a WBTV photographer.

WSOC reported that Odom’s family stormed out of the courthouse seconds after a judge told him he could face life in prison or even the death penalty if convicted.

Odom, 34, is facing murder charges in the death of 31-year-old North Carolina school counselor Maggie Daniels.

His first court appearance was today.



  • greatclits

    the apple does not fall far from the tree, so no surprise at a animal felon for life murderer’s mother acting like she is being harassed or bothered by a reporter, this filth and her child should be thrown from a cliff and video should be shown in schools as a learning lesson to children, do crime and pay a price

    • vic

      For years you people have refered to us black people as animals me personally I’m tired of it because I know you all want to use the N – word but you are too scared to cause you all know what the outcome will be . Bunch of lowlife cowards and tramps (faith C)

      • JT

        D@mn straight, Vic. I see these racists do this on this site all the time (however, I did notice there is no comment box regarding the capture of the alleged killer of that teacher in Newton/Connover–guess even the webmasters at Fox 8 know these people for who they are and what they write). But notice when some stupid cracker lets his dog off the chain and kills a 10 year old boy in Fayettville with an assault rifle, you don’t here them say anything (guess they protect their own). That’s why they LOOOOOVE the word “thug;” it’s the new “socially acceptable” form of ni**er. Man, you’d think we’d be past this in 2014, but I have to remind myself that to these mental midgets, 1965 just arrived.

      • Mike

        Hay, crakkers come in aminal boxes, 2; stoopid.
        Why do you think people call people of color animals? Act like an animal, be called an animal. It ain’t because they are afraid of using the so called “N-WORD”; why, people of color use that term all the time describing themselves. Racism doesn’t just come in blanc; it comes in noir, also. Don’t you think all other posters on here have a right to an opinion, or just you?

  • lulu5674

    Well, I guess he does make his Mama proud! Why, Why, Why can’t we bring back public hanging????? He’s a dirty animal!

  • Tim

    Here is my question….Why did the 2 officers let her get in her vehicle and drive away after witnessing 3 separate assaults committed by this fine upstanding woman??? If the officers witnessed this take place, shouldn’t she have been arrested on the spot?

  • Rick

    I see a distraught mother who heard that her son might be executed, having a camera and mic shoved in her face, as she is trying to hurriedly leave. Not sure how that has anything to do with race.

    But seeing that this is North Carolina, i am sad to see other white people ignoring the “innocent until proven guilty” aspect of the judicial system, yet not surprised at all. All of the racist comments come from uneducated, small town folks who aren’t going anywhere, and are ignorantly warped into thinking that race has any part in a mother being upset. Regardless of the verdict, the mother didn’t commit murder and it is her emotion that is being condemned.

    Sorry for the big words, bigots.

  • Mdgirl027

    Yes, Rick because I’m sure the hair in a shoebox was probably planted there by someone else right? Get real. Sick of everyone always trying to get away with using the race card, this murder doesn’t have a thing to do with the color of skin and all about some man who is obviously mentally ill and needs to go away so he can’t hurt anymore innocent people.

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