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Thomasville qualifies for program that would pay for students’ breakfast and lunches

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Thomasville City Schools have qualified for a federal program to pay for breakfast and lunch meals for every student in the district beginning this fall.

It's part of a national program that's an alternative to the free and reduced lunch program that's currently in place in schools nationwide.

The Community Eligibility Provision evaluates the participation of parents in food stamps and emergency food programs.

If the percentage of parents participating is high enough, campuses across the nation can forgo the free and reduced lunch program and offer all students in the school free meals.

Thomasville City Schools Child Nutrition Director Brenda Watford said it will be a big benefit for students who can't afford even the reduced price lunches.

"All the time," said Watford. "Kids just didn't have the money to be able to eat lunch."

Watford said even with just 10 percent of students not on free or reduced lunches last year, they still had many families not keeping up with the bill.

"We have to write letters and call and tell them that their child owes money and they'll tell us, 'We'll pay you when we can' and now we won't have to do any of that," said Watford.

Several other Triad-area schools will also launch the free breakfast and lunch program, but Thomasville is the only school district in which every school qualifies.

In Guilford County, there are 58 schools that will start the program this fall. In Forsyth County, 24 schools will serve up free lunches and breakfasts.

There is concern about lack of participation in the program among Rockingham County school leaders. Earlier this year, they announced plans to launch the program as well, but are still struggling to find the money to cover the costs of expanding their meals.


  • jliles1205

    Free lunch? Which unelected bureaucrat will tell us what our kids can and cannot eat?
    Your tax dollars headed to a dempster near you….

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    I live in Rockingham County I hope they don’t find the money to implement this stupid give away program, it just keeps on getting worse every day, nobody EVER paid for ANY of my meals when I went to school or now & we were poor, poor, poor & I’m not making that much money now but I wouldn’t take any free food myself I just believe you have to provide for yourself & your family but that’s just my opinion….

  • Mark Stabler

    Let me get this straight. People already receiving food stamps based on their income and the number of people living in their households, are now receiving a free breakfast and lunch for each of their children. The school is also sending food packages home with the students for the weekends. So those that are getting food stamps to provide or assist in providing food for these children who are now receiving an additional 14 meals per week at no cost. Every child deserves to be fed, and every Parent deserves to endeavor to provide for their children.

    • tired of the left!!!!!!

      Hey easy now, with all that common sense. We will none of that, the liberals are only securing their next generation of voters.

  • FaithC

    This is not free. We, the working class are paying for this. I am sick and tired of working to support the low life class of people who refuse to support their families. They get food stamps and a welfare check for every kid the have and now they get more free.

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