Police say NC school counselor Maggie Daniels died of strangulation

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NEWTON, N.C. -- Newton Police confirmed Monday that the North Carolina school counselor Maggie Daniels who was found dead in June died of strangulation during a struggle in her apartment.

New details were revealed Monday when murder suspect Sharman Odom made his first appearance.

Odom, 24, is accused of murdering Newton school counselor Maggie Daniels. The 31-year-old was found dead at her apartment in June.

Police arrested Odom in Winston-Salem on Saturday afternoon and charged him with murder. Odom lived in the same apartment complex as Daniels, police say, but officers do not believe the two knew each other.

Warrants that were unsealed on Monday state that during the initial investigation, officers discovered several items were damaged or askew suggesting a struggle took place.

Police searched Odom’s residence on July 26 where they found cell phones that belonged to him. Police downloaded the contents from an iPhone 5 and found "selfies" of Odom with scratches on his face.

The warrant also sates police found a section of hair inside a shoe box in a closet.

Source: WSOC