Facebook tells woman her name is ‘too suggestive,’ asks for ID as proof

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A New York woman claims she was contacted by Facebook and asked to provide a copy of her ID because her name was “too suggestive.”

Melinda Kiss, of Long Island, New York, married Bob on June 6th. When she returned home from their honeymoon, she attempted to change her name on Facebook to reflect her married name, she told Business Insider.

When she requested to change her name from Melinda Kiss to Melinda Kiss Flecker, the submit button on the form was grayed out. A notification from Facebook read:

“We require everyone to use their real name on Facebook. If you’d like to add an alternate name, you may do so after you change your name.”

Facebook support sent Kiss an email and asked her to send them a copy of an approved ID, including a birth certificate, driver’s license, passport or marriage license.

Kiss said she has been Melinda Kiss on Facebook for the past 8 years.

Kiss said she sent a copy of her driver’s license but Facebook has yet to change her name, according to the Business Insider.

Update: Around 8:15 p.m. ET, Facebook approved the name change to Melinda Kiss Flecker. 


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