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Underage drinking a factor in NC crash with four teens

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The accident happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday on Highway 690 in Moore County. (WTVD/ Frank Staples)

MOORE COUNTY, N.C. — North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a crash involving four teenagers.

WTVD-TV reported that it happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday on Highway 690 in Moore County.

Troopers say the car — driven by 19-year-old Tashona Gadson — came around a curve, ran off the right side and overturned.

An eyewitness on the scene told ABC11 the passengers only suffered minor injuries.

The Highway Patrol said alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Charges include no license, seat belt violations and underage drinking.


    • NCMale

      Yeah….then we wouldn’t have crashes that involved underage drinking….we’d only have crashes that involved drinking. Underage drinking is just like criminals getting guns……if they want it, they’re gonna get it one way or another.

  • ronnetta rankin

    Why would they lower the drinking age they need to up it like their doing. Its bad enough they past couple of years we’ve lost teenagers in car accidents because of underage drinkin

  • Janice Anderson

    Yeah, sure, make more laws that kids would want to rebel against! That’s the answer! How about raising the age then when young men have to register for the armed services? If they are old enough to die for this country, then they are old enough to be treated as adults!

  • greatclits

    the desire to get drunk or high is a daily thought in millions of humans everywhere, responsible conduct is not, so a fool can destroy lives or kill is common. responsibilities for such character is minor as our laws just slap people on the wrist and say don’t do it again, but they will. Only death fixes stupid, as it lasts a lifetime

  • JustMy2Cents

    Look now….. lower the drinking age so that we can help young teens drinking early to teach them drinking is okay but they need to learn how to limit their-selves to the point where they can still drink and think in their right minds. Personally I think that if they start off young with parental permission instead of sneaking off they will be more mature about it and will get tired of it in their college years and such.

  • Lynne Legg Grubb

    If the people in there kids lives would do right the teenagers would now what to do where were the parents at that time of night letting them out at that time of night my son had to be home at 9:00 when he was that age & till he got out on his own u know but some are ok I guess not knowing where there kids are at I don’t know at Good Bless All Of then at this time !!!!

    • TaShona

      This is the driver to the accident. For starters all of our parents are well aware of where we are at ALL times and what is going on. Believing everything the press says is redundant. If alcohol was really the cause of the accident don’t you think someone would have been arrested other than just receiving a ticket? My blood alcohol level as at .01 to even get charged for drinking and driving either alcohol would have had to been found or my blood alcohol level would have been past the limit. The .01 came from a beer that I had consumed around 6pm that evening. Now i understand that I should not have been drinking at all but they could only actually charge me with underage drinking which means drinking did not cause the accident. Also, when push comes to shove I wouldn’t dare question your parenting skills but just to let you know our parents all raised high school graduates and current college students. Our parents understood and knew that we were coming back from out of town from WORKING. Were kids, it was a bad turn could have happened to anyone. Now, God bless you!

  • Michele

    THe poor judgment these kids nowadays are making (pass out game, fire challenge, etc), I say incease it to 25!

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