Triad food pantries in need of donations

Local food pantries in the Triad are pleading for donations to provide for hungry families.

Donna McClintock with Blessed Table Food Pantry in Greensboro said the pantry may consider shutting down if their shelves do not replenish.

Last week, they served about 90 families and have seen 44 new clients that have never asked for assistance before.

“I think the donations have gone down this month because people are on vacation and when you’re on vacation you kind of forget about problems,” McClintock said.

Captain Jim Taylor with the Burlington Salvation Army agrees that the summer months put a strain on pantries with school out of session.

“Last month we served more than 1,300 families representing more than 3,300 individuals in 30 days. It’s absolutely phenomenal,” Taylor said.

The Salvation Army accepts donations by mail or at their office give says a week on Anthony Street.

Blessed Table Food Pantry on Summit Ave is open Tuesday through Friday, accepting monetary or can food donations.


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