Pac-Man, Galaga and other arcade staples on the auction block in Winston-Salem

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Auctioneer Jason Brooks of Auction Game Sales looks through neon signs as he leads an auction. (Lauren Carroll/Journal)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Auctioneers took bids with a rapid-fire roll of the tongue as buyers eyed arcade games, pinball machines and juke boxes, among hundreds of other arcade staples, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

You name it. Pac-Man was there. So was Galaga.

In fact, if you could drop a coin in it at an arcade, then it was probably up for auction at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds on Saturday, said Bob Edwards, a floor boss who helped Auction Game Sales run the auction.

“It’s fun. It’s different. You get to meet a lot of people – that’s for sure,” Edwards said.

The arcade auction pops up about one weekend a month – sometimes here, sometimes in other towns.

The buyers at arcade auctions may be owners of bowling allies, convenience stores, pubs or gas stations who want to stock their halls – or those who may want to sell the arcade games to those owners.

The sellers tend to be the same types of folks. They may want to get rid of a game that has run its course and bring in a new one, Edwards said.

Arcade machines may have given up turf to the gaming industry’s newfangled games, such as those played on Xbox, PS4 or Wii, but arcade machines still have a life, said Eddie Davis of Dobson, who was trying to sell some sweepstakes machines.

Davis has been buying and selling arcade games for more than 10 years, by his estimation. It doesn’t pay the bills outright but it adds a little pocket change, he said. No matter. It’s more of a hobby. He gets a kick out of buying an arcade game for, say, $35, then rewiring it so that it works properly and selling it, possibly, for as much as $300.

“It’s about being that same kid that went in to play Galaga for the first time. It’s a piece of your childhood without paying an arm and a leg,” Davis said.

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