Former Greensboro police chief charged with DWI suspended from current police job

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Timothy R. Bellamy being sworn in as director of public safety at North Carolina Central University in 2012. (Image:

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A former Greensboro police chief who was charged with driving while impaired has been suspended from his current job as police chief at North Carolina Central University.

Tim Bellamy was charged with DWI after being pulled over by a North Carolina Highway Patrol trooper at about 12:40 a.m. Saturday.

Bellamy blew a .09 on a Breathalyzer test, just slightly above the .08 legal limit.

The trooper smelled a strong odor of alcohol on Bellamy’s breath and noticed he had red, glassy eyes, according to records.

The trooper also said Bellamy did poorly on a field sobriety test, according to records.

The records did not say exactly where Bellamy was stopped and a message for the trooper was not immediately returned Saturday.

A statement from North Carolina Central University reads:

North Carolina Central University is aware of the arrest of Timothy Bellamy, NCCU Chief of Police, on August 2, 2014. Chief Bellamy has been suspended with pay in accordance with university policies and procedures. As this is a legal matter, we are confident that the jurisdictions involved will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.”

Bellamy is currently the police chief at North Carolina Central University in Durham and commutes to his Guilford County home. He was sworn in at the university in 2012.

Bellamy retired as Greensboro police chief in 2010 after serving on the force for 27 years. He was chief for three of those years.

Bellamy, 54, was released with a written promise to appear in court on Sept. 4, according to records.

The Greensboro News & Record contributed to this report.


  • george

    Maybe his sister, Dianne Bellamy Small, the former Greensboro City Councilwoman and current activist can help him out on this matter as she has done in the past!!

    • NRA4ever

      suspended with pay = paid vacation. only a useless government worker gets paid after breaking the law

  • Smiley

    It was just barely over the limit. I’m surprised that trooper didn’t try to help him get home after he found out who he was.
    He must have been an Aggie or a different race.
    At least he went straight by the book regardless of who the guilty party was. He might catch some heat for some of his friends.

  • Smiley

    Oh yeah. For anybody suspended with pay, is a vacation. It might not look good on his record though but he knows he will get paid regardless having already retire from Gboro.

  • j

    Smiley your a dumbass how quick to bring race into this, when he was the police chief in greensboro he was shady so he gets what he deserves, the white man cant help that yall can’t stay out of trouble.

  • Tyrone

    All the haters need to lay down and cut him a break!! maybe Chief Bellamy had a hard day at the office went and had a few drinks. and just got caught!! on any night a lot of people get home safe it dont take many drinks to blow that number!!

  • yea_baby

    It’s a mistake wait and see some kinda machine failure or calibration problem ! Yea baby gets a pass !!

  • Rob S

    Sure we’ve come a long way in regards to bigotry and race relations: NOT; just read comments that don’t require ones’ ID. Sure getting arrested for DWI is not acceptable as a police chief, especially on a college campus in a position of influence and authority; but can you minions get over the race thing and wait to see what NCCU does regardless of the outcome of the adjudication?

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