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NC man says he is getting mistaken toll bills

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WAKE FOREST, N.C. — Imagine getting billed for something that doesn’t belong to you. That is exactly what happened to James Evans, according to WTVD-TV.

When Evans got his first bill from the Triangle Expressway last fall, he couldn’t understand why.

“Why am I getting this bill and I have not driven on this road? I don’t even own a truck that’s in this picture,” Evans said.

Besides a different truck, the license plate in question is different.

“The tag numbers are the same except my tag is 8, their tag is 9,” he┬ásaid.

He said N.C. Quick Pass workers told him a piece of dirt was on the other driver’s license plate, which made them think it was his plate at first glance.

It was only when James called to have the issue fixed that he says the customer service at the NC Quick Pass realized the license plate did not belong to Evans.

“They look at the picture, I guess they blow it up or something on the computer and they said ‘Yeah, that is definitely not your tag,'” Evans said.

Evans thought it was taken care of until, each month, he kept getting a new bill for driving on the Triangle Expressway with the same license plate mix-up.

“Then they constantly tell me, ‘Hey we’re going to get it corrected. Don’t worry about it. We have removed the footprint. It’s not going to be in there anymore.’ Next month, another bill,” he said.

Evans says he received bills for 8 months when he finally threatened to get extra help.

“I’ve told them, ‘Look, if we can’t get this corrected then I’m going to go to ABC11,'” Evans said. “He said, ‘There is no need to contact ABC11. We don’t need them to get involved. We can just settle this. You will not get another bill.’ Low and behold, June, July, I get bills.”

When I got in touch with the NC Department of Transportation that runs the Triangle Expressway, a rep looked into it and said they do have a standard fix that they apply when the wrong license plate is billed.

Typically, she said, it works, but unfortunately in this case additional measures were necessary.

She claims Evans’ issue has now been resolved and assures me he will not be getting future bills for a license plate that doesn’t belong to him.

But Evans has another concern.

“My question is, I’m getting these bills. They’re deleting it, but is the correct person still getting the bill? Or are they double billing it? Is it two people getting the bills?” Evans┬ásaid.

A rep with the DOT answered that by saying the correct person is being billed for using the toll road. She adds this was a rare occurrence and they apologize.


  • nicole

    This happened to me last year…my tag is “nikki” and the one caught on camera at the toll was “mikki” i just paid the $36 fee but not the extra charge from late fees since i was fighting it just to get them off my back. but never again will i pay for it.

  • DeAnna Hurley-Chamberlain

    Took care of the same thing a while back for my father and it was the same one digit difference and when you enlarged the photo from the link—it was clear it was not the vehicle which his name was on the title…cross our fingers we haven’t heard from the appeal we submitted

  • Dale

    Same thing happening to me now for the past 2 months. Same personalized tag number but a S P beside it that you can hardly see.

  • J P

    NOT RARE OCCURENCE ! I moved to NC 3yrs ago and do not live in the area of the toll roads, or even travel near them. They have sent bills for three different vehicles. Today I received an updated one removing the 84 cent charge, but now two six dollar charge. ( processing fees ) on the same bill. When the readers are on a quota, it’s not surprised to have this problem. With the mistakes , plus someone having to correct the issues, seems to be costing Quick Pass extra time and money, not accounting for all the extra paper for mail billing. Also, lets not forget the time and money of the people trying to correct being billed in error. ( note Q P is only in operation from 8 am to 5 pm by phone ) Whatever the problem is, NCDOT needs to get a handle on this and stop saying this a rare occurrence and apologizing. Everyone is losing money on this issue.

  • Chuck

    I drove on this road a couple months ago. Still haven’t been billed. I wonder if someone just paid my bill for me. THANKS

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