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Granny caught speeding writes thank you note to trooper

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BOISE, Idaho -- Not too many people can say they're happy about being pulled over by police.

Not too many people can say they enjoy getting a ticket, either.140730_ISP_note1

Tana Baumler was attending a wedding in Idaho FallsĀ and like most people on vacation she got a little behind schedule and tried to get to Yellowstone National Park with her husband and two granddaughters.

She was caught by Trooper Mike Nielson going almost 95 mph in a 75 mph zone on Interstate 15.

Baumler was so moved by the trooper's professionalism and kindness, she just had to say thank you. On Wednesday, ISP shared a thank-you note from Tana that she wrote last week.

"He was giving the kids stickers, and little sheriff badges -- he was just really nice to them," said Baumler. "I thought that it was kind of nice just because then the four year old wasn't scared."

Trooper Nielson said during his interactions with the public he likes to treat people how his family would like to be treated.

"(I) usually just talk to the kids," Nielson said. "Kids are always really inquisitive when the guy with the big hat walks up to their car on the side of the highway so sometimes they are a little nervous."

The trooper gave Baumler her "own" sticker as well -- a $150 ticket. Tana said she was speeding and deserved the citation.

As a restaurant owner herself she notes that her servers don't always get the recognition they deserve. She appreciates when people go out of their way to do so.

That's why she wanted to write a letter to ISP letting them know what a good job Trooper Nielson did. She wrote the letter while she was writing the check for her ticket.

Here is what she said in the letter:

"Dear Idaho State Police, Recently I was on vacation with my grandchildren and was pulled over for speeding. Officer Mike Nielson made it a good experience for my grandchildren by talking with them calmly and giving them stickers. He didn't leave me out and I got my very own STICKER SHOCK :) Thanks for a great attitude."

Source: KBOI/CNN

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