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EMTs smash window of hot car to rescue doll

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HOBOKEN, N.J. — EMTs smashed a SUV’s window in Hoboken, N.J. Thursday in an attempt to save a baby locked inside the sweltering vehicle.

The baby turned out to be a doll.

According to CBSNewYork, several people called 911 to report that a baby was trapped inside a Honda CRV.

Luz Kitty Mieles returned to her car after work to find the windows of her vehicle shattered.

EMTs had mistaken Mieles’ 2-year-old granddaughter’s doll for a live baby. The granddaughter had left the doll in a child’s safety seat.

Officials apologized for smashing the windows and the city reportedly offered to pay for the damage. The Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps defended the EMTs’ actions, saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The woman says she has accepted the apology.

A new law being proposed on Long Island would protect Good Samaritans from being sued for breaking into a vehicle to rescue a child under eight years old.

Source: CBSNewYork


  • heather

    I as a mother understand I would do the same thing… These dolls look real and now you can buy them on the internet. Some have heart beats, some cry and look and feel like a real baby. My girls have them and I get on to them about taking them out because o the fact they look real. I say they did their job by trying to save a baby. Know one could have known it was a doll. If a parent has these dolls they need to take them in when their child for the simple fact of this.

    • Tracey

      That makes no sense, the parent should not have to take the toys in just because a lot of follish people forget thier kids in hot cars every summer. The doll was in the car, my car is full of toys that stay in the car while the kids are in summercamp because they can not take them in with them and they will want them when they get out of camp.

      • Kithri

        Um…someone near death or in fact dead (30 year veteran RN here) looks waxy, flaccid, and a bit doll like. I’ve seen enough near dead and dead folks to know. Just saying.

    • Tracey

      No she should not have had to remove the doll. Its her car and doll. I have a car full of my grandkids toys, should I have to hide the water guns as well? However the EMT did what was right in thier eyes so all is well and the car owner understands. Some of these reborn baby dolls go for 1500.00 on eBay.

  • Mackie

    Stuoid grandmother. She must have known that could happen. EMT should go after her for time wasted. She should have put it in the truck??? leaving it in a child seat was irrespobsible… Shame on her……

    • Tracey

      The EMT wasted thier own time, the doll did not have a seat belt and had it been a live (before sucoming to the heat) it would have moved enough to fall out. It obviously either wasn’t a baby or wasn’t alive before placing in the car seat. Use your noodle!! Did they try to resuscitate the CPR baby before realizing it was a dummy too!!

  • sabrina

    Wow really? She was stupid for having a doll in her car??? My kiddos leave their dolls in the car all the time and I’m sorry if I have more important things to worry about than where a doll is placed in the car….like my actual real life kids. Goodness.

  • Jonathan

    You better believe they should pay to fix the window. I know dolls can look realistic but it wouldn’t have taken but a minute to actually figure out this was not a real child and avoid breaking the window in the first place. As for this law that NJ has that says a person can’t be sued for breaking out a car window to save a child under 8 yrs old……well that is a good way to get shot. Let’s suppose they leave their 7 yr old in the car while they run in to pay for gas at the gas station and come out and someone is busting out their window. They would probably assume you were trying to kidnap their child and if they had a concealed weapon would pull it out and shoot you. Who would get the blame for that? People need to start using common sense instead of having knee jerk reactions every time they see something.

  • Brian

    I won’t say she’s at fault for leaving the doll because my kids leave toys in my truck all the time, but as a Paramedic and RN I would have busted her window too. I assure you I would do it today and have no regrets about it. And I’m sure those Medics would do it again today if they came across that situation again.

  • Kevin Dondrea

    If anyone isn’t laughing at this I think you need to step back and look at yourself. With all the deaths it’s nice to see something that makes you smile. I am the BIGGEST PSYCHO when it comes to kids dying in cars and I am SO HAPPY it was a doll. 600+ children have died in cars in the past 15 years. This needs to stop. I would smash the window too if I saw it. I would rather pay $200-500 to repair a window for a doll than to leave a baby die in a car. Hands Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jess

    ugg its a reborn baby its not a toy and your soppoesed to be 14 to have one and cant leave them in the sun or they will get ruined like one of mine did

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