Woman shamed for stretch marks posts response on Facebook, story goes viral

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Credit: Tanis Jex-Blake

Credit: Tanis Jex-Blake

A 33-year-old woman mocked about her stretch marks posted a response on Facebook – and her story has gone viral.

Tanis Jex-Blake was attempting to sunbathe while her children played at Alberta Beach in Edmonton, Canada on Tuesday.

“All of a sudden I heard, ‘oh my god, look at that, that’s f****ng nasty, that’s disgusting, look how gross that is,’” she told GlobalNews.

When she opened her eyes, she observed two men and a woman standing over her, pointing at her and pretending to kick her.

The woman attempted to ignore them, but couldn’t’ hold back the tears while driving home later that day.

That’s when she shared her story on Facebook:

“This is an open letter to the 2 guys and 1 girl who decided to skip work today in Sherwood Park where they were building a house, but instead decided to come to Alberta Beach to relax in the sun, enjoy the water and some beers. I’m sorry if my first attempt at sun tanning in a bikini in public in 13 years “grossed you out”. I’m sorry that my stomach isn’t flat and tight. I’m sorry that my belly is covered in stretch marks. I’m NOT sorry that my body has housed, grown, protected, birthed and nurtured FIVE fabulous, healthy, intelligent and wonderful human beings. I’m sorry if my 33 year old, 125 lb body offended you so much that you felt that pointing, laughing, and pretending to kick me. But I’ll have you know that as I looked at your ‘perfect’ young bodies, I could only think to myself “what great and amazing feat has YOUR body done?”. I’ll also have you know that I held my head high, unflinching as you mocked me, pretending that what you said and did had no effect on me; but I cried in the car on the drive home. Thanks for ruining my day. It’s people like you who make this world an ugly hateful place. I can’t help but feel sorry for the women who will one day bear your children and become “gross” in your eyes as their bodies change during the miraculous process of pregnancy. I can only hope that one day you’ll realize that my battle scars are something to be proud of, not ashamed of.”

A radio station in Edmonton shared the photo, which has been viewed by more than 12 million people and has received over 750,000 likes and 55,000 comments. Many people have also shared photos of their stretch marks in support of Jex-Blake.


  • battle scars from pregnancy should be worn proudly

    To anyone that seems to think the same way that girl and guys thought, Stretch marks from a pregnancy is not as disgusting as your poor attitudes and look on life, Housing a baby for 9 months and giving birth is something to be proud of, People that make fun of other people is what’s wrong with this world today, I feel sorry for the people you end up with in life, Battle scars from a pregnancy is something to be proud of

    • Unknown

      You’re right it isn’t gross but they make tanning beds for a reason. If she wants to wear a bikini then do it at home. People think little girls shouldn’t dress “older” and older women shouldn’t wear “revealing” clothes. Clothing does have a expiration date. I could see a tankini but a two piece?

      • mothercc

        Because that piece of clothing hurt you personally right? Did it impede on your freedoms? Oh, it didn’t? Then you have NO right to say or give your opinion on how she dresses. PERIOD. Your narrow and closed mind is the reason woman and men for that matter have body issues, but beyond that, your judgement on an irrelevant piece of clothing, shows how insecure you are with YOUR body and that you really don’t see any value in a person other then the way they look. Make better choices on you “see” the world, without judgement. Oh just an an FYI clothes DO NOT expire?! Crazy right?

      • Tracey

        You are an idiot!! why should she hide what mother nature gave her? She allow is not old (33yrs) is not old and she only weighs 125 after 5 children. lf you don’t like what some one else wears to the beach, go buy your own beach. She wasn’t there trying to be cute or looking for a pickup, she was sunbathing for herself not the pleasure of others, unlike the woman with the two men headed for a double bang!! She is the one that people should have been pointing at, probably a dumb blonde.

      • Juanita

        Unknown. There are such a class called respect for unknown people to get a better education in how to act out in public. They put you in front of the class and let others find fault in you. Everyone gets to make fun of you for 10 minutes. Believe me you could benefit from it.

      • Elizabeth

        Wow! Since having my son, I have felt too embarrassed and self-conscious about my jiggly, stretch marked, surgery scarred belly to wear a bikini. Thank you for sharing your perspective and for all the ignorant pricks showing their rudeness. Now, I kind of want to rock a bikini, just to make YOU feel uncomfortable. Bwah! Ha! Ha!

  • Juliana

    I commend u sweetie …I hv them frm my angels as well….people dont understand as strong as we r WORDS STILL HURT!!!! Thanks for being strong…..

      • *Phuuuk Yooo*

        That’s sunBATHE. See what I did there? I added an ‘e’. That is all. By the way, stretch marks rule. I am sure my mother could point out the ones I gave her…

  • FaithC

    I agree with others. A small price to pay for having wonderful kids.
    …those people on the beach IS what is wrong with our young people. No respect at all, for anybody. People like that make me sick.

    • Robert Jay

      People like you are so obnoxious. Whenever you say things like “xyz is what is wrong with our young people” you are just generalising something you know nothing about. Do you know all young people in the world, or are you just talking about your own children? Ever heard of the expression “a bad apple ruins the whole bunch”? Wake up and start blaming the jerks instead of blaming it on all young people.

  • ajpeace

    I don’t care what you look like, fat , thin, stretch marks, piercings, tatoo’s, … no one should be treating another human being like that. We are all one .

  • Tara

    So would it be any different if a younger kid was in a 2 piece and had a skin disorder or maybe was scarred from a tragedy? You ppl are awful. Seriously. So bc her body isn’t perfect means she shouldn’t be allowed to get a tan?! What happens when u guys get older and are fat, wrinkled, and hairy?! Will u then keep a shirt on while at the beach?!

  • Raymond Sink

    Imho, stretchmarks, scars, overweight ppl should be proud of their bodies. You earn the tramas you put your body thru. Ppl overweight look better then the supermodels of yesterday because they look healty, scars/marks are earned as i said & i find them attractive. The pic i seen in this post is wonderful & i cant fathom why anyone would think different

  • Eileen Gallagher

    Yikes, I know it was hurtful, but you have to feel sorry for people like that who wake up miserable everyday, and you have five beautiful children who make you wake up happy everyday. Ignore ignorance. A doctor once said “stretch marks are part of being a female” woman who don’t have children have stretch marks, we can’t get away from them. So the woman who was making fun of you is in for a rude awakening because she’s going to get them too. Don’t give it another thought, you have five other precious gifts to focus on, then these three pieces of bottom feeding pieces of shit.

  • mai

    I call my stretchmarks, “tiger stripes”. And i dont mind wearing 2 piece. I dont care what NARROW-MINDED people say or think. Because i know those skinny, flawless girls sunbathing in the beach will also have it one day.

      • *Phuuuk Yooo*

        I would postulate that young people these days realize that arrogant, stuck-up @$$holes like you pretty much are everywhere. So, why would you want to bring a child up around that?
        And do like Mark D says below: SHUT UP.

  • angelina ramsay

    I’am very proud of you! I am too’ have that, but I could not care , what other would say’…

  • weight start

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  • Bob

    I would be proud to lay beside her the beach at least she is down home and real Kudos to you sweetheart I think your hot!!!!

  • Katt Williams

    Stretch marks happen for one of two reasons…either you were big and got small, or you were small and got big; either way we humpin!

  • B

    It don’t seam to bother her husband. I think she was just trying to get attention like everyone else now and days due to social media. She should start a fund raising campaign. She also needs to gain some weight. This would help hide her stretchmarks by tightening her skin, do some sit-ups and wear a two- piece if she don’t want attention from idiots.

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