State budget includes changes to driver’s ed, driver’s license renewal process

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Part of the North Carolina state budget proposal released Wednesday includes changes to how people get their drivers licenses.

If the budget is approved, the state will allow people to renew their driver’s licenses online, by mail, or by phone for the first time.

However, there are some restrictions. Online renewals are only available to people 18 years old and older. You have to renew before your previous license expires and you must have the same address and name. Licenses renewed online will expire after eight years.

Another proposed change affects driver’s education programs. In order to cut costs, lawmakers plan to cut funding to public school drivers ed programs starting July 1, 2015. Local school boards will have to foot the bill instead, and they are allowed to charge parents $65 to help cover the costs. The cost to parents was capped at $55 before.

The budget is still subject to the change. The State Senate and House will have to approve the budget proposal and then Governor McCrory will have to sign off.