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Report of man shooting girlfriend in Greensboro turns out to be a prank

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A report of a man shooting his girlfriend at a Greensboro apartment complex Wednesday evening turned out to be a prank, police say.

Police responded to the Arbor Ridge Apartments around 10 p.m. after the suspect called them to say he shot girlfriend and that he was going to shoot police next.

Because the call came from a Skype number, officers could not trace the exact location of the call.

Police swarmed the apartments and went door to door looking for the domestic incident.

After an investigation, police discovered there was never a domestic situation and the call about the shooting turned out to be a prank call.



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  • Missy B

    This was NOT funny!! This PRANK left my husband stranded driving around for a couple hours after he got off his second shift job before he could come home. Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep last night. Ugh!!

  • Missy B

    Oh I forgot to say that he couldn’t come home because the police had the enterance blocked and would not let anyone in. Now I understand why they have to do this BUT this prank was very inconvienent to us.

  • here's your sign

    Whoever did this needs to be charged. This not something to be making pranks about. And it is time and resource wasted. Not funny at all.

  • Dumb people

    Prank calls to the cops is NEVER FUNNY. I hope they find out who did this and arrest him. Better yet, I hope it wasn’t real and he just sent them on a wild goose chase.

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