Police investigating after man struck, killed by train in Greensboro

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Carter Coyle/WGHP

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A man was struck and killed by a train in Greensboro Thursday morning.

The incident happened around 9:14 a.m. in the 4700 block of Hilltop Street.

Police say the Norfolk Southern freight train carrying containers was traveling northbound and approaching the intersection when a man walked out onto the tracks.

A witness said the man went around the railroad crossing bar and stepped out onto the tracks in front of the train.

The conductor tried to employ the emergency brake, but was not able to stop in time.

The man died at the scene.

The man’s identity is not being released pending notification of his family.

Hilltop Road is closed in both directions from Fairfax Road to Stanley Road.

Motorists are urged to avoid the area and to use alternate routes.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000 or text the tip to 274637 using the keyword badboyz. All calls to Crime Stoppers are completely anonymous.


    • Thomas Noell

      Wouldn’t say guts,but surely lots of stupidity. Just wonder what hit song he was jamming to on his iphone as he likely walked along the tracks with his headphones on?

    • Patricia G.

      bo diddley, you are a disgusting excuse for a human being, there are many reasons this person died. Most likely because of attitudes from people like you.

    • Ken

      So sorry for the loss of life, regardless of the fact that you should NEVER cross the tracks when the arms are down. As for Mr. Diddley, he just proves himself to be a sad and pathetic piece of trash, with nothing positive to contribute to society. Obviously he is so disgusted with his life, that he has to take it out on random news articles to make himself feel better. All it really does is prove that he is a joke in racist clown shoes.

  • Joe Dirt

    thanks to the Greensboro Police department for the lack of direction at the detour, there were no signs
    or directions on how to get around the detour. a few signs would be good.

  • Leslie chow

    Very sad situation, I’m sure he committed suicide, It could’ve been depression,chemical imbalance, loose of a loved one, anything!!!
    Prayer’s going up for this child of god!

  • rrman70

    I am sorry but this guy was not a victim, the true victims where the Locomotive Engineer and Conductor of the train. These 2 people who where just doing their job, and because this selfish clown wanted to off himself, they had their day/trip messed up. No one seems to think about the crew of the train. It’s something you have to live with for the rest of your life. I know in 18 years of working for the Railroad I have hit 8 people/cars. Stay off the tracks it’s that simple!!

  • mao

    That “selfish clown” was a kind, generous, and gentle man. His name was Steve and his life had become increasingly complicated as of late. He had been terribly troubled for a while. He left behind grieving friends and family and while I cannot condone the solution he chose to his problem I certainly cannot abide someone who did not know this good man speaking so callously about him. May none of us ever be in a situation where we even consider such a desperate act much less a place where it seems our only option.
    BTW, Steve would forgive you.

  • rrman70

    I stand by my statement, yes it’s sad that “Steve” decided to kill his self but why involve the crew of the train. If you where to have been in the seat of the locomotive with 10,000 tons of steel and freight going 45 to 60 mph, brakes in emergency, horn blowing knowing that it will not stop for a mile or more, knowing you can’t swerve, then have to get off the unit and see where the persons head hit the snow plow, till you have had to walk a mile to find the body, yes it was selfish. Last, I don’t want Steve to forgive me, I want people to stay of railroad tracks. My job is to get my train from point A to point B not fix life’s problems. Like I said 8 in 18 years is 8 more then I wanted to hit.

    • mao

      You are a sad and selfish person. I wish I could have this discussion with you in person. I understand your wants, but don’t understand how you can be so disrespectful to a person in such a desperate place. You must really be hurting. I’m sad for Steve but more sad for the people who have to tolerate your insensitivity on a daily basis. A man is dead under the saddest of circumstances. A man you know NOTHING about and you come here and selfishly affront his memory before those that love him have had the chance to lay his body to rest.
      You, sir, are a piece of shyte.
      I hope you find peace within yourself.

      • rrman70

        Yes, name calling solves everything. A man is dead because he walked out in front of a freight train. He did not give the crew of the train a choice in the matter, he made them become part of his problems. They are the ones who have to live with that for the rest of their lives, How is that fair? You said it “a man I know nothing of”, just like the crew of the train knew nothing of but he choose to make them the instrument of his death. How is that not selfish? I wish I could discuss tresspasser/crossing accidents with you, they are sensless deaths, that should not happen. Yet in 2012 in North Carolina alone, there where 28 tresspassers hit 16 dead, 45 crossing incidents 2 dead according to NC Operation Livesaver. I am not here to disrespecting this man, all I am stating is what happened, and someone needs to speak up for the Train and Engine crews who come to work everyday to take their train from here to where ever its going, yet whithout a choice in tha matter they go used to solve his problems.

      • mao

        Again, you seem to miss the point in. I’m beginning to believe that you may just lack the intellectual capacity to process what I’m saying to you. This is not the time nor place for your Safety Awareness campaign. Dear God, man, have some decency.
        I hope those who you’ve offended either directly (of which I’m confident the list is enormous) or indirectly, as Steve has apparently done to you, are more considerate of you at your time of passing than you’ve been to this friend of mine.
        This discussion is over unless you want to meet over a couple of beers and afford me the opportunity to “impress” upon you how I feel about your lack of common decency.
        Barring that, I wish you peace.

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