Bicyclist seriously injured after being hit by car in Winston-Salem identified

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A man was seriously injured after a vehicle collided with his bike at a Winston-Salem intersection Thursday morning.

The accident happened around 4:57 a.m. at Country Club Road and Harper Street near Silas Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem.

Police say James Walter Carter, 56, was driving a Chevrolet Impala through the intersection when it attempted to make a left turn onto the Silas Creek Parkway on-ramp.

Carter told police he did not see the bicyclist on Country Club Road and the bicyclist collided with the front of the vehicle.

The bicyclist, identified as 54-year-old James Gardner Weathers, was thrown from his bike.

He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. There is no word on whether or not his injuries are life-threatening.

The crash is under investigation. There is no word yet on if charges will be filed.

Country Club Road has reopened to traffic.

Anyone with any information regarding this incident is asked to call the Winston-Salem Police Department at 336-773-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800.
Enforcement Unit.


  • Dawn McDaniel

    While I feel for the individual that was hit, this just shows why bikes should not be allowed on the street meant for cars. I pay tax dollars to be able to drive on that and any other road. Bicycles, scooters, and skateboards on the side of the road have caused far too many accidents since the vast majority of those using them don’t pull over to allow cars to pass; causing cars to risk running head on with other cars as they try to get around them.

    This has happened to me far too many times. I’m on my way to work so I can pay those same taxes that I have to pay to use the road that will take me to my job and then I get behind a group of five or more cyclists poking along, none of them on the white line. In fact, some are near the yellow instead. We need to do something about these problems.

    When I was young, if I rode my bike in the road I would have had my hind-end warmed. I learned to ride on grass. If these people insist on riding along the road, make it MANDATORY that they have to go to the grass when cars come up behind them.

    Personally, I feel that if you can’t keep up with traffic, you don’t belong in it. After all, I would get a ticket for driving my car too slow. How is this any different? Both endanger other drivers.

    • Billbrasky

      The answer to your question is that in NC and nearly every other state bikes are legally afforded the same rights and rules of the road as any other vehicle. As to the risk to motorists, that’s completely absurd. Of the recent bike on car collisions in the triad probably more than half the motorists flee the scene leaving the victim on the side of the road.

      Burn fat not oil!

    • HereYouGo

      No doubt, those cyclists pay taxes as well. Why would you imply that they don’t? In many other countries, there are safe places for cyclists to ride, in special lanes along the road. Our country would probably have fewer problems with obesity if we would make some allowances for people trying to do something as simple as ride a bike.

  • Curious

    Cyclists do not obey the rules of the road, often running stop signs and red lights, riding against traffic and being a general nuisance. Talk with any cyclist in Winston-Salem and you will find they take great joy in irritating drivers and proving they have a right to do anything they like within or outside the laws of our city. Bicycles simply do not belong on the streets of Winston-Salem. It is not safe for the cyclists or drivers.

    • Joe

      “Cyclists do not obey the rules of the road, often running stop signs and red lights, riding against traffic and being a general nuisance. ”

      There are also many drivers on the road that do the exact same thing that you have mentioned above. The only problem I see here is how most drivers become clueless of their surroundings when they are behind the wheel. Learn to slow down and be a little more observant of reality.

  • FaithC

    They deserve to be on the road ways, but only if they are obeying the same rules as motor vehicles and they don’t. The last ones I saw were on the wrong side of the road. I have also seen them go through red lights, cut across traffic, and ride down the center of the lane and not allow cars to pass.
    Not saying all behave like this but a lot do, they put themselves in danger and then are surprised when they are run off the road or hit.

    • Rhea S.

      You are so right. I have had so many frightening moments caused by bikers, not obeying stops signs or watching vehicle turn signals. Several times I have started to turn right on a green light only to have a biker zip past me on the right. Scary!! Also, they don’t stay in the sectioned off lanes for bikes. It seems here in Winston-Salem bikers think they have the right-of-way at all times and so do pedesterians. They take thier walks and jogs in the middle of residential neighborhoods streets instead of the side walks and will not move out of the way for cars to get by. Pedestrian Crosswalks, if they exist, are totally ignored by pedestrians in many areas, they perfer to walk right out in front of a car forcing it to stop for them. Scarry.
      The police need to clamp down on bikers and walker, joggers and runners who take over the streets, some with ear plugs, oblivious to the fact they are creating hazardeous driving conditions and putting their lives at stake by deliberately walking in the streets.

  • Bob Blasingame

    So roads are meant for cars. And the only people who pay taxes are those who drive cars. What a shame you have to slow down to allow another vehicle on the road its lawful right of way. There are no laws on surface streets for driving too slow. The next time you come up behind a loaded dump truck that’s going to slow for you, just run him into the ditch. I mean the nerve of them, impeding you on your self important trip to buy another bag of chips. How about those sidewalks? I mean if you happen to be riding your bike at around 35 mph and you suddenly come upon a couple of women pushing baby strollers side by side, just crash into them. I mean what were they doing blocking the whole sidewalk like that, or for crying out loud, walking on it to begin with. I mean why should you have to maintain control of your vehicle and yield the right of way to others? If the law is inconvenient then you just ignore it right? Seems to work for the president. I have no idea who the above commenters are, but my experience has been that when I hear similar comments they always come from someone who would benefit the most from turning the pedals of a bike. If they did that even once, then they might have some credibility to comment on cycling. If the cyclist in this case ran the light and put himself and others at risk, then he broke the law and is at fault. Cyclist that don’t observe highway laws make it more dangerous for all other cyclists, but everyone has lawful use of the roads unless restrictions are specifically posted. I pray that he will recover and live to ride another day.

  • John Moore

    The way I see it is, if you want to ride amongst cars on a bicycle you should have to pay a high premium insurance policy. It is just a matter of time, statistically that you will have a visit to the hospital, either alive or dead. If burning fat (not oil) is that important to you, great then keep on keeping on and do not blame the car who hits you when a multitude of conditions will lead to it was an ACCIDENT! Hence the high insurance premiums.

  • Carolinacompanycowboy

    Just a risk we all take turning that key, turning the pedal or adjusting that stirup. Beware & heavens sake Be Careful.


    News reporters can be so insensitive when it comes to putting pics out there for people to see. They don’t think about the families of the victims that are also viewing. When my son’s father died in a drive by, they put the pic out there for everyone to see and he was still in the vehicle. That is the last image my son saw of his father. Pls the about the real victims, the families before putting pics out there for everyone to see.

    • Chucky

      Sadly, that is never going to change. They are only out to get the story and they get what they can at any cost. When my cousin was murdered by his estranged wife and she killed herself several years back, the press was out there with cameras taking video of anyone who went in or out and they interviewed neighbors who didn’t even know my cousin but acted as if they did. Their children had left the home when the shooting happened but they saw all of the reports and got a lot of calls from reporters wanting statements. They were kids who were dealing with the loss of both parents.

  • JT

    From what I have seen here, the only respondents who appear to have passed driver’s ed are those sticking up for cyclists.

  • TriChic

    It is absurd to think ALL cyclists do not obey the laws of the road. Cyclists have as much right to be on the roads as motorists. Yes there are cyclists out there that think they are invincible and have egos the size of North America, but to stereotype against all cyclists because of the actions of a few people that don’t use their brains is not only unfair, but makes you look stupid. If you aren’t an experienced cyclist….you shouldn’t be on the major roads. Use your brains and use appropriate lights when it is dark out. And motorists need to pay attention….eyes on the road….not your cell phone.

    • Mr. Perfect

      My good friend was a professional cyclists..that’s right a professional. Not a burger flipper like most of you insensitive jerks. Have some respect! Get off your d**n cell phones and quit jerkin off you’re supposed to be driving! Sean was killed on his bike because of jerks like yourselves.

      • Leon Wood

        MR PERFECT… that says it all right there. What a jerk you are. NC should make everyone that rides on a public street 1- Pass a riding class just like a car. 2- Have a bike that is safety inspected with all operating signals, head lights, tail lights, helmets ,etc. and be fully insured by the owner full time. If you ride OFF ROAD , helmets and be Fully Insured also. The biking community, with any sense of responsibility at all should get behind this and push it forward for the safety of ALL.

  • John Smith

    Let’s just say you want to get rid of someone…….or something. Buy them a bike; tell them to hit the road; and then flatten them like pancakes. You’ll get no consequences.

  • John Smith

    I’m not a cyclist but for the life of me I will never understand the urgency some drivers seem to have as to their speed. Slowing down is deemed unacceptable. I work every day and I am pressed for time. I have zero problems slowing down for a biker. They look like they are enjoying it and they get out and about- what a good thing for any community to witness.

  • No Hope For Change

    I agree John Smith bicyclists and pedestrians deserve our respect I make a point as well to slow and provide extra room. People tend to forget that driving a vehicle on public roadways is a privilege NOT A RIGHT. Ask the people that have paid their taxes but still have their licenses revoked they’ll tell you. Even though bicyclists are bound to similar laws of the road (yes bicyclists can be issued traffic citations) I would argue they have more rights to the road than drivers. You don’t need a drivers license (privilege) to operate a bicycle or walk/run on the roadway. Even JT gets it I remember clearly from drivers education PEDESTRIANS/BICYCLISTS OWN THE ROAD. When I used to bike on the road many times even when there was no opposing traffic to slow them down drivers would purposely drive close honk their horn yell obscenities at me simply because they were inconvenienced with having to move over in the opposing lane. Treated like that from a person who would go out of my way to stay within the fog line and shoulder of the road when all possible especially with approaching vehicles from the rear. I have had objects thrown at me whipped by fishing rods struck by baseball bats. People are effed in the head so I keep it to off road or city green ways but that’s me people on road bikes should be able to drive without being subjected to that. Get a CCW carry the weapon and stand your ground!! Ha, ha.

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