Deals to be had for back to school shopping despite no tax free weekend

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Stores are pulling out all the stops to get parents to do their back to school shopping this coming weekend.

The first weekend of August was typically a tax free weekend in North Carolina for school supplies and clothing but lawmakers axed the savings for students during last year's session.

“It was bummer,” said Larissa Woodward, of Davie County, shopping for her son. “We would save a lot of money with this. Now we just started a little early this year.”

Stores like Target and Walmart are cutting prices this weekend on school supplies and clothes with Walmart even offering teachers a discount. Some electronics stores are adding sales to computers and department stores, like Belk, are offering $10 to $40 coupons just for North Carolina residents this weekend.

“Every little bit counts,” said Misty Plummer, of Forsyth County, shopping for six kids. In addition to shopping in bulk it's coupons and researching circulars to find the savings this year. “Couponing and looking in the paper to see which places are offering discounts.”

If you still want to shop tax free this weekend, head to Virginia or South Carolina.


  • FaithC

    Unless you live no more than a few miles from the boarder of SC or VA you will spend more in gas money than you will save in sales tax just getting there. With retailers wanting to get people into their stores, you can probably get a better deal on items in NC, even with paying the taxes.

  • statesjustgettinworse

    The tax free weekend did do much good for school supplies because you never knew what to truly get. The list they put in the stores has never been correct. We always ended up having to buy supplies twice because the teachers would always want things not on the list and the things on the list never got used. Not to mention the stupid schools around here wait until the last minute to have open house. They haven’t even bothered to send out notice, so I called the school to find out. Open house the 20th, school starts the 25th. Seriously??? That means everyone rushes out at once and it’s a friggin mad house of nutjobs grabbing things.

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