14-foot great white shark cruises off NC coast

Katherine, the tagged great white shark.

Katherine, the tagged great white shark.

WILMINGTON, N.C. — The great white shark known as Katherine has recently been tracked cruising off the coast of North Carolina, according to PortCityDaily.com.

Ocearch is a nonprofit research organization that monitors the migratory patterns of sharks including great whites.

Ocearch is monitoring Katharine, a 14-foot great white shark cruising off the Cape Fear coast.

Katharine weighs 3,200 pounds and was tagged in August 2013 in Cape Cod, Mass.

A satellite tag was attached to the shark’s dorsal fin. The tag sends coordinates of her position via satellite whenever she breaks the water’s surface.

Katharine has traveled nearly 70 miles in the last 72 hours, according to Ocearch. She’s traveled more than 6,300 miles since she was first tagged.

Great Whites tend to go where the food is, and her course could change at any given moment.

Last year, Katherine surfaced off Pea Island and was spotted in the surf off Kitty Hawk.

Track Katharine’s movements online here.

Read more: PortCityDaily.com.

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