Walmart refuses to sell beer to dad shopping with 15-year-old daughter

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A 57-year-old man says he was humiliated when he tried to buy some beer from his local Walmart in Iowa and the clerk refused to sell it to him.

Why? Because the clerk decided to card Jim Davis’ 15-year-old daughter, who was with him on the grocery trip.

Because the teen had no ID, the employee refused to sell to Davis.

Walmart initially said the procedure is to ensure that alcoholic beverages and tobacco are not sold to minors and that they are testing point-of-sale age checks in some locations across the country, according to the Des Moines Register.

A Walmart supervisor later said that the employee was wrong to refuse the alcohol sale.

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  • LindaSue

    Experienced the exact same problem at a Walmart in NC- had one single premixed cocktail – you know those things in the plastic pouches – my 20 year old was helping me load groceries in the cart – cashier refused to sell me the item. So Walmart instead got to pay an employee to return the $100 + order to the shelves. Stupid – so now you cannot grocery shop with your children ?!?! Avoid Walmart as much as possible !!

    • dewey

      they didn’t pay them any extra to put it back….they were already on the clock for their $3.55….if it didn’t get finished on one shift, it was there for the next

  • Anonymous

    I somewhat had the same issue at the Sheets near celebration station. I had entered the store with my friend who was 20 and pregnant. Neither of us smoke but her fiance who is 23 gave us money to go get him some cigarettes. When I told the clerk the kind I needed she refused to sell them to me because my friend was standing right beside of me. I even showed her my ID and I was the one buying them.

  • sophie

    Same thing here in NC, the Eden store I believe, where friend 50+ year old and his 20 year old son were shopping.

  • what?

    Any store pulls this mess with me can restock like another person posted ! Shows you that old WalMart makes so much money they can turn away business !

  • ibelieveit

    This also happened to me in jacksonville nc walmart. Shopping with my husband and two kids I didn’t bring in my pocketbook. My husband attempted to buy a six pack and bc I looked younger than 40 she asked for my ID. If I hadn’t of spent the last two hours grocery shopping with two ill kids I would of let them keep everything. I even complained to manager! No beer for my husband who WORKS in the USA…who was 31 at the time bc his wife who WORKS in the USA didn’t have her ID? I wasn’t even paying for the groceries. He was!

  • kari

    I had the same thing happen in Utah. I ran into my mom who was buying beer and happened to be at the same register. Since we were talking (separate transactions) they asked for my ID as well which I didn’t have on me and refused to sale to her

  • Candace Conrad

    I’ve got one even better than that–My 22yr old daughter was carded for cigarettes in N.C.I was sitting in the car they almost refused to sell her the cigarettes because I didn’t have MY ID–I was old enough to be that idiot’s mama–

  • Lesley Mears

    I work for walmart and once a year we have to watch a video on the computer and take a test. We have to ask for Id from anyone under the age of 40. We have undercover people come in and if we don’t ask we will be fired and walmart gets fined. So for example if a person is 21 and their friend is with them and not 21 we can not sell to them for fear of that person giving his friend the alcohol and something bad happening. I know it makes people mad but I would not want to lose my job.

  • Julie GiGi Poole

    If this ever happens to me they can restock the groceries! Even tho my kids are both over 21 and do not live with me and i usually shop alone or with my 2 yr old grand daughter…not had problems …yet…lol…Wal Mart has gone to shit anyways…the stores are nasty and most of the employees are idiots…

  • Jas

    Y’all saying if it happens to you, you’ll leave everything. I work at Walmart currently. And do you think I care if someone says they’re not buying ANYTHING BC I’m doing my job? no! I will continue you I.d. EVERY person that looks under 40 AND whomever they’re with. Store managers are getting $100,000 bonuses and we’re getting up to $2200 so obviously they’re making money. When you go to work I’m sure you follow your policies. So why would you get mad at someone following the policies at their job?

  • The DGNR8

    Heaven forbid people go without alcohol! Geez. ABC laws in this state clearly dictate that anyone can be refused for basically any reason. While it may be stupid to refuse sales for someone looking cross-eyed, it is still covered by the law. The law also states that if there is suspicion, the clerk can card all members of the party. I am sorry that you all were inconvenienced by people FOLLOWING THE LAW. However, should these laws not be followed and something happens, these people and companies are paying for cost through criminal charges, fines, and lawsuits from family members upset that the clerk at the store sold 19 year old Johnny a beer and now he is dead. People need to get a life and a clue.

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