Mysterious ‘woman in black’ reaches destination, Va. police ask public to leave her alone

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WINCHESTER, Va. — The mysterious “woman in black” seen wearing a black robe and walking on foot through several states has apparently arrived at her destination.

The public has been curious about the woman’s goal. A Facebook page was created to track her as she walked across several states.

On Wednesday, the Winchester Police Department issued a press release and urged the public to leave the woman alone.

Around 9 p.m. Tuesday, officers were called to the 2400 block of Valley Avenue for crowd control. About 50 people gathered near a bank in this area to see the “Woman in Black.” For her safety and the safety of others, officers took her to an undisclosed location and provided her with food and shelter. Officers spoke with the woman who says she is from Winchester and intends on staying in the area. The Winchester Police Department wants local residents to know that she will be part of the community and to respect her privacy if you see her in the area. She has expressed to officers that she wants to be left alone and is asking that the public respect her wishes.

The woman, Elizabeth Poles, 56, has been photographed walking through several states including Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

Police told ABC News that Poles was “on a mission that has something to do with faith and religion.”

The woman’s brother, Raymond Poles, said she was in the military for a decade before moving to North Carolina for treatment at a VA hospital. He also told ABC News he does not believe that she will stay in Virginia and will eventually return home.


  • Joseph

    I respect her right to satisfy her personal mission, but if she truly wanted to be left alone, why the attention-grabbing black robe (in the heat of summer) & all the mystery?

    • Deboursan

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  • Allauna Bailey

    She has every right to be left alone. Who are you to take her basic rights away from her. That’s like me saying you have no right to type!!! Who am I to tell you that? You don’t have the power to take her rights and neither does anybody else.

  • ruby

    There was also that one guy on I shouldnt be alieve who wandered some foreign desert for 40 days thats hard I get so thirsty when I go hikeing this guy barley had any water that takes alot of motivation he is getting it from somewhere just like the lady in black is doing

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