Murdered 14-year-old texted boyfriend from woods: ‘OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped’

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fsfs32DETROIT — A 14-year-old girl killed while she was walking her dog in a rural area north of Detroit last week sent an ominous text message to her boyfriend the night she went missing that read, “OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped.”

April Millsap left her parents’ home on Thursday to walk the family’s border collie near Macomb Orchard Trail.

A couple found the teen’s body 15-20 feet off the trail. Penny, the border collie, was found “guarding” the girl’s body.

Police have not said how they think Millsap was killed, only confirming they know she was not shot or stabbed.

The girl’s boyfriend and her family members have been interviewed “but they are not considered suspects in her death,” according to

Armada Police Officer Vesco told several media outlets the cause of death will be held back until the killer is arrested and charged.

Police said a text message was sent from Millsap’s phone that read: “OMG… I think I’m being kidnapped.”

“I can confirm that that message was sent out,” the police chief told WJBK. “We’re taking it with that in mind, however we just know that it came from April’s cell phone. Other than that, we’re not commenting.”

Police have received over 500 tips about the girl’s death. Cops are now searching for a male suspect with “sandy brown or reddish hair.”


  • Brandi

    Its a shame she didnt think to call 911. But then again they probably wouldnt have made it in time anyway.

    • tombelayneh

      Oh wow. Have you lot thought about the killer using her phone to text that? It’s crazy how you assume that it’s her fault that “texting was more important” to her than calling 911.

  • Stephanie

    Thats horrable…We cant walk our animals without having to watch our back cause of these creeps and killers!! So sad

    • HereYouGo

      Maybe her phone didn’t have a camera on it. Or, maybe she didn’t want to lift up the phone to take a pic, and allow the kidnapper to see that she had a phone. Or, maybe it was dark and her phone camera wasn’t good enough to take a pic in the dark. Or, maybe the kidnapper had a hood on his head. Or…

    • Tracey

      Maybe the person who attacked her sent the text, to throw them off. I wonder if it has fingerprints other than hers. Just a thought

    • Tberryjack

      Maybe she did take a picture and that’s how they know what color hair he had and how they came up with the drawing. Maybe if she did take a picture it wasn’t good enough, it was to dark, or blurry or something to show the picture and they thought a drawing might help find him better. because they said nothing about anyone seeing the guy that the drawing was made from.

  • Ken

    Just a thought but maybe this is why,
    “The girl’s boyfriend and her family members have been interviewed “but they are not considered suspects in her death,” according to”

  • Rachel

    Why would the guy not check for a phone if she was being kidnapped? And she even sent a text? Wait wait, where was the dog in all this who was “guarding her body?” Didn’t think to protect or bark or for her to let it loose? Anyway, condolences to the family and boyfriend is what really counts.

    • Paula Wright

      She was on a wooded trail…the dog probably did bark and maybe that’s why some people were alerted enough to get a description of someone. Border collies are not big dogs and we won’t know until they find the guy if he has dog bites or not. Maybe not at all if it takes awhile. Maybe they will check doctors or hospitals for someone coming in with excessive dog bites

  • Hmm

    Weird that a stranger-kidnapper/murderer would allow the dog to accompany them to the site of the murder at all, and then let the dog live to alert people to the body. Very strange.

  • Iqueen BeckyDale

    OK…IF she texted to the boyfriend that she was being kidnapped—which I cant for the life of me figure out how in the world she would/could do that during a kidnapping (if i was being kidnapped, id be defending myself with no thoughts of texting)–but if this really did happen, why didn’t he call the police? call her folks? and go looking for her??? I SMELL A RAT !! ..(if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, it surely must be a rat!!!!!!!!!) Poor girl..

  • lisa

    maybe instead of assuming what may or may not have happened, and who may or may not be involved, and quit putting so much emphasis on a cell phone, we should all stop and pray for the parents who lost their daughter, the dog who lost his friend, the community that has lost a member and now is concerned for theirs and their kids safety, and pray for the beautiful soul taken from these people at such a young age, pray for the hope that she had salvation through God, and that her family will see her again when the time comes. maybe, just maybe, if we all would stop being selfish for just a few minutes, we could do these things. many prayers going to this family and community for their loss!!!

  • none ofyourbusiness

    How would the killer know to text the boyfriend? Who gave the description of the killer? How was she killed? How much time did this whole ordeal take? Parents didn’t think she was gone too long, walking the dog?

  • benny

    Maybe she was leaving a clue she could have secretly met someone and he hurt her or laughed at her. Why!!! Why does this happen so much

  • Rose

    she may have sent the text as a joke if someone was approaching her and she wanted to be dramatic to her boyfriend. unfortunately it happened

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