Local Liberian group reacts to Ebola crisis

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The current Ebola outbreak in Liberia is the deadliest in history. And even though it may be thousands of miles away from the Triad, for one Piedmont community -- it's actually home.

The Liberian Organization of the Piedmont says, fortunately, none of its members have lost family to the virus. But, because of how rapidly it's spreading, they are concerned.

"Generally, as Liberians, we are nervous", says the group's president, James Hunder. "The Ebola epidemic is such that it knows no limits. It doesn't discriminate."

Hunder says his group is planning to organize a relief effort soon, where it will accept donations for those affected in Liberia. He says this is a widespread effort by Liberians in America, spurred by a letter from the Liberian Ambassador to the U.S. asking all groups to help out.


  • Jerry B.Saylee ii.

    The Liberian people who refused to believe that the ebola virus is real in Liberia are many,mostly the uneducated ones.We need photographs of ebola patients on televisions and news papers as evidents to convince them in order save our people.

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