Laurence Lovette found not guilty on all charges in 2008 murder of Duke grad student

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DURHAM, N.C. — A jury in Durham has found Laurence Lovette Jr. not guilty of first-degree murder in the 2008 death of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato.

Mahato, 29, was found shot in the head inside his apartment more than six years ago.

The verdict was reached Wednesday morning after the jury deliberated for nearly eight hours.

Prosecutors say Lovette, 23, took Mahato to ATMs to withdraw money from his bank account before taking him back to his home and shooting him between the eyes with a 9mm pistol.

Defense attorneys argued there was no solid evidence linking Lovette to the crime and that the testimony of one woman was not a credible witness.

Lovette was also found not guilty of robbery with a firearm.

Even though Lovette was acquitted of Mahato’s death, he’s still serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for the March 5, 2008, robbery and murder of Eve Carson.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill senior was shot five times on the morning of March 5, 2008, after she was kidnapped and taken to several ATMs to withdraw money.


  • FaithC

    Why are we keeping this POS alive for the next 50 years. He murdered a bright young woman with a good future ahead of her. Why is he allowed to breath?

      • RUKiddingMe?

        Sir/Mam—He is already serving life in prison for the Eve Carson murder. Whether he was found guilty or not guilty by his peers, he still should be put to death. Period. I do not care about his skin color. He deserves to the same punishment as he bestowed upon his victim (don’t forget, he was found guilty by his peers!).

      • NCMale

        Yeah OJ was found not guilty by a jury of his peers too! OJ was as innocent in that murder as anyone could possibly be…after all ‘if it doesn’t fit you must acquit” I’m sure you believe that don’t you??

        That POS is guilty as sin……on both murders.

      • NCMale

        Just remember pitiful……FEDERAL statistics show that blacks are four times more likely to commit violent crimes than whites……….so if she should feel differently if he were “white” then she would have statistics dramatically on her side to back her feelings up.

      • Seyvons

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      • you guys are pitiful

        Whether you people want to admit it or not you are Saying this because of the color of this man skin I bet when that white kid shot and Killed those college students you all felt all he needed was counseling and antidepressants . What a joke

      • The Dork

        Hey “Pitiful” would you be holding a “pity party” for this THUG if he’d gunned down your child, robbed and murdered her??

  • makemyday

    I agree, same mo, I believe he committed this murder also, they probably didn’t have enough physical evidence t convict him, shame!

  • Chucky

    They did say the evidence was circumstantial. Even the DA admitted that. I don’t understand them not finding him guilty of the robbery though. It seems like they would have video of him getting the money from the ATM’s with the suspect by his side.

  • Amos

    Hes just a Hoodrat Animal!! Im sure he did this crime too!! nothing but pure trash!! i know his Family is very proud of the fine young man he has become!!

    • NCMale

      Trash comes from trash….I wouldn’t give his family too much credit yet Amos. Odds are he’s from a single parent home with three or four siblings, all from different men, and different from his own father…who just about assuredly isn’t nor ever has been in his life.

  • No weapon shall prosper

    I’m black and I think he should pay more for what he done I’m tired of reading and hearing about the murder the robberies etc. I think it starts at home if I had a child I would do everything in my power to keep a grip on what my kids are doing the parents should pay for what they kids have done just like the families of the victims that’s just my opinion God rest both of their souls let pray for the families instead of arguing over race!!!! I love all no matter race or sexualy preference and yall should too :)

    • NCMale

      I commend you over your attitude. It’s a shame more of all races don’t follow the same belief system. Unfortunately….the hidden racial war in this country is like the Israelis and the Palestinians….there might be a little cease fire now and then, but they will always continue to fight each other. There’s just nothing. NOT A THING anyone can do about it.

  • Melissa E. Matthews

    This is BS in the biggest way … He did it & should Be hanged in the courthouse square to made an example of what will be bestowed to the ones who do such despicable crimes… Better yet … Get the firing squad … That’s what he thought these 2 wonderful human beings that were his victims deserved… And yes… If he were White , Hispanic or whoever I would feel the same … I’m NOT racist … I do believe we need Eye for an Eye … I’m so sick of seeing such crimes like this every day … Abhijit Mahato & Eve Carson lost their lives for $$$ … because this POS felt entitled to their $$$ instead of getting a job & doing it the old fashion way … He should have gotten the death penalty in both … Abhijit Mahato’s Family has no closure !!! My heart goes out to them!

  • Take back America!

    Just another worthless criminal who everyone knows is guilty is now aquitted by a jury of his Obama supporting peers! Everyone knows blacks commit so much more violent crime even the liberals themselves but they do nothing!! Rev. Barber, Al Sharpton nor the NAACP could care less. I feel so sorry for Mahato who was an intelligent productive person murdered by a typical mindless black thug. You all know it’s true cry racism all you want facts are facts!

  • justanothermother

    The hatred and words from this thread hurts my heart to read. You all may not be saying it in your text but your words dig deeper than you think.

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