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Heritage House closes Wednesday leaving many residents without homes

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Heritage House residents who remained Wednesday morning were forced to pack up their belongings as the City of Greensboro began the condemnation process of shuttering the troubled housing complex.

Utility crews turned off water to the 178-unit building just after 9 a.m.

By then, however, many people were already waiting outside with suitcases and boxes, amidst the chaos of moving companies, U-Hauls and police officers.

The City of Greensboro said at a news briefing Wednesday that there are still about two dozen people who needed a place to live, but expects everyone to be out of the complex by early afternoon.

At that point power will be cut off.

Residents will be able to appeal the condemnation, according to City of Greensboro Communications Manager Donnie Turlington.

City attorneys will be on hand Wednesday to speak with residents.

An appeal hearing is scheduled for mid-August.

The Interactive Resource Center in Greensboro says it will open its doors at Wednesday to residents who need emergency housing. The IRC will convert into a 24-hour shelter over the next two weeks with room for up to 70 people.

Buses will begin shuttling people every hour starting at 10 a.m.

Greensboro city leaders say people will be able to return to Heritage House on Aug. 1 and Aug. 6, to collect, with a police escort, any large items left Wednesday.

Police officers will watch over the shuttered building moving forward to ensure no one tries to get back inside.

A resident was arrested Tuesday for stealing copper piping that caused flooding in the Meridian Convention and Event Center next door, according to Greensboro Police.

Many residents have already moved out leading up to Wednesday.

The City of Greensboro along with community groups like the Greensboro Housing Coalition have helped more than 100 families finding housing over the last month.

In June, city inspectors did a building-wide inspection and found more than 830 housing code violations. Problems included broken smoke detectors, roach and bedbug infestations and animal feces on the floors.








  • 6%

    Trash….just like the tenants who will just be given more free handouts and they all will just take full advantage more and more.

    • Iama Retiree

      @ “6%” –
      Please see comment left for you on article dated 07.29.14 …. Should answer all your questions.

  • Paul

    I would love to know how much money these tenants get each month and how many residents are on welfare at this place. I am guessing ‘we’ the tax paying citizens have supported these tenants for years and years and they obviously take full advantage of it by living in filth and not taking care of anything they own. I am also assuming they get tons in food stamps each month and they obviously must sell those to their friends to support their illegal habits. Trash doesnt go far, but in due time, these trashy tenants wil just junk up another area and add to the amount of slums we have in Greensboro already!

  • Patricia G

    They will be taking the bedbugs where ever they move to meaning the bedbug spread will be an infestation all over Greensboro, unless the place was disinfested first. Just wonder if it was . Not all the tenants should be considered trash, some people have to live where their finances will allow. Those of you that are calling ( ALL ) of them trash, remember the saying, But for the Grace of God, there go I.

  • bwalker


  • looky

    Uuummm so the taxpayers are paying to move all the fifth generation welfare people to new digs ? Nice when I move are need a new place to live I have to pay out of pocket

  • BobbyC

    Anyone else notice how nice some of the cars are that are parked outside of this place? Those are not cars driven by “poor” people..

  • what?

    The part about the tenant stealing the copper piping tells a lot about these people and their own opinion of themselves.

  • Paul

    Dont worry, the government will just pay for them to all infest another area of Greensboro! You dont choose to live in filth, you make it that way…remember that!

  • anom

    does anyone remember the 70-80’s when this place was the Royal Villa….Disco in the Club….boy how things change!!! It was a clean and happening place!!

  • peoplethinktheyknowmorethantheydo

    My brother has been physically and mentally challenged since birth; a housing complex like this is the only place where he can afford to live “independently” as he desires to do. Fortunately, the one in which he lives is managed by a good development/management company and is kept clean and up to code. However, there are not enough of these good companies around to develop and properly manage all the low income housing that is needed, and much of it is actually *needed*. Please do not judge and paint everyone with the same broad brush; you only make yourselves look like fools.

      • peoplethinktheyknowmorethantheydo

        “What?”, I AM grateful for my brother’s good fortune (IF you consider being crippled and mentally challenged as having good fortune); how was that not made clear by my comment? And explain, please, how I painted with a broad brush in simply responding to the other ignorant, judgemental commenters here such as yourself??

  • Sindy Martin

    These Heritage House “Condos” are owned by other people. Many of these property investors live in Greensboro in very nice houses. They just liked collecting their money. They are the “slumlords” that have chosen not to repair, paint, improve and bring to code that building. Instead of improving the property over the years, they did nothing and now they get to right it off on their taxes. Yes, they get a credit for taking your tax dollars. The tenants pay their share of the rent. At minimum wage, they have to work 80 hours a week to pay it.

    Come spend one hour at the Interactive Resource Center this coming Tuesday and you will eat your judgmental words. Many of the people I have taught are articulate, intelligent and very polite. They were downsized from their job, then lost their apartment or house and now find themselves homeless. They are working every day to find employment. 60% of the homeless are working on getting a job and getting back into an apt or home.

    • what?

      Sounds like you are loving your job or loving yourself up with some of these people ! if you lay with the mutts you will get the fleas and maybe a little one to carry on the tradition !

    • Tenacious EJ

      Wellllll, I go there a lot. Usually looking for criminals. What I see there are drunks and addicts watching TV and sitting around doing nothing while I work. Funny, I go to the night shelter and deal with drunks and addicts a lot as well. What you liberal folks fail to realize is this: we are all responsible for our own actions. Some are small, some large, but this country is founded on free will. And I refuse to pander to those who have made mistake after mistake, failed to learn from them, and now expect a handout because they are out of options. Keep preaching that your clients are innocent and unlucky- I KNOW the truth.

  • Jackson

    The mentality of more than 85% of these people are this – WHY WORK WHEN I CAN SIT HERE AND COLLECT FOOD STAMPS AND GET ASSISTANCE FOR RENT AND ALSO FREE MEDICAL CARE! Do you not realize mostly all of these tenants choose to live this lifestyle and are useless. I know some are good people, but your guilty by association for the most part living here. People living here walking around in Jordans and smoking cigarettes but when you ask them what they do, they all say – “Looking for work”…yeah right, your looking for work means waiting for the 3rd Wednesday every month to get that food stamp card filled up to go sell it to your homey up the street for cash so you can go buy your illegal substance and also those cigs and hope to have enough to buy yourself some new ‘kicks’. People chose this lifestyle, not forced into it!

  • regina

    Sometimes u just have 2 do the best u can my mother always told me its not where u live but how u live and I believe that.

  • kingprince

    It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch. We can’t blame all the people for the 10% that won’t do right. Don’t criticize people when you don’t have all the information. EVERYBODY deserves to be treated with respect.

  • truethat

    A resident was arrested Tuesday for stealing copper piping that caused flooding in the Meridian Convention and Event Center next door, according to Greensboro Police. Ha!Ha!Ha! that tells you the kind people who live there!! (yes i know they are a few who are not like this) Instead of talking on their Obama phones and drinking 40’s and doing drugs they should have picked up the trash and bought some cleaning products and got off their butts and cleaned their house.!! but i guess it was really easy to just cry about the trash in the halls and the problems instead of doing something about it!!

  • Martinez de Pasqually

    Well the taxpayers will have to pay for security of the building or there will be no appliances or cooper left in the whole building ! Be good info to find out what the total will be for moving and hotel bills the taxpayers will pay

  • dobydog1

    it looks like a lot of the damage was done by the residents themselves. there sure was a lot of trash in the hallways. if we taxpayors are paying for all or part of their rent, we should be able to demand that they keep their apartments and the hallways clean. it seems historically the taxpayors have to keep replacing subsidized homes because they are destroyed.

  • Tenacious EJ

    I reject outright the notion that the City is responsible for providing housing for the people that created this mess considering said city is usually unable to afford to pay the salaries of the people it has tasked to clean up the mess.


    The Greensboro Housing Authority closed Village Green in 2000 which was a retirement home for the elderly on medium incomes; no government subsidies, the residents paid their own way. The housing authority gave the residents two weeks notice that Village Green was closing. You can imagine the stress on these elderly people having to find new homes. The hosing authority then reopened the place under the name Heritage Greens so they could turn it into a housing project for low or no income people. Now look at the place. The housing authority should have left well enough alone. Looks like their decision has come back to bite them in the butt.

  • stephnc

    The comments on this story are sickening and make me heartbroken for humanity. These are people (PEOPLE! HUMANS! Someone’s CHILDREN!) who obviously do not have the privileges many of us take for granted in our lifetime. They may use some kind of government assistance, but social welfare is the hallmark of a civilized, altruistic society that believes that people who have lost a job or have a disability or a disease shouldn’t just be left to rot and die, but should be HELPED to become healthy members of society. I hope when some of you get to a point in your life where you need someone else, where you aren’t able to do it on your own, that you will encounter people who don’t have the same judgmental, evil, bitter, hardened hearts that you all do. If you have no room in your heart for over 100 families who are losing their home (many through no fault of their own and because of a poorly handled HOA and irresponsible landlords), if in the midst of this crisis you can’t do anything but open your mouth to spew hate and negativity, then you are FAR MORE of a problem for society than these people are! You will all be on my prayer list!

    • Hughey

      whatever! Someone does not choose to live in scum, its what they want. All they want is free this and handout that. Every single one of these so called tenants have a choice in life and can either find a job and work and earn your living, or they can choose to live off the government and wait on freebies. Now which do you think they all picked living in a roach infested place and trash everywhere? I believe they picked the welfare line!

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