Customers affected by American Kitchen fiasco moving forward

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Some customers of American Kitchen are choosing to move forward with their renovations despite losing thousands of dollars to the company.

Randy Wright and Theresa James said they simply could not sit around with an unfinished kitchen any longer.

Even though they already paid for granite countertops as part of their $42,000 contract with American Kitchen, the counters were never installed.

They decided to hire a new company to install granite countertops.

"Even though it's more of an expense for us, we have to move forward with our kitchen because we've been three months, going on four months without a kitchen. And going out to eat? Sucks; every single day, every single meal," explained Theresa.

Randy joked, "We actually made sandwiches in here the other day, and I was like ‘Look! We got to use our kitchen!’"

Theresa's father and brother-in-law have home remodeling experience and volunteered to finish the work in their spare time.

"You have a true appreciation for family. You really do. That means the world to us," Theresa pointed out.

Attorney General Roy Cooper was in Greensboro Wednesday and updated the press on the state's lawsuit against American Kitchen and its owners, Tyler Sheets and Rob Selfors.

"We are certainly going to ask the court to give the money back [to consumers]. The second question will be: Is there money to recover? We don't know that," Cooper said.

"We're moving as fast as the court system will let us," he added. "Sometimes it takes years to resolve litigation. And even if you get the court to order the money, then trying to recover the money."

FOX8 has received several tips recently from customers who were contacted through email by Tyler Sheets after American Kitchen shut its doors in Burlington last month.

"Apparently one of the men involved in this is now sending letters to people offering to have someone finish the work," Cooper explained, addressing Sheets' email.

"We're not telling consumers not to do this, but make sure you check out this company that's going to be doing the work. Make sure you don't pay any more money up front," he advised.

Cooper said the state has now received 49 complaints about American Kitchen. That number is up from 38 when the lawsuit was filed June 17.

He said consumers are claiming at least $300,000 total of work was never done.

Customers can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office at

Contractors who are still owed money from American Kitchen cannot file a complaint with the BBB. They have the option of getting private collectors involved and/or hiring an attorney to pursue civil action.

Employees who are still owed money from American Kitchen can file a complaint with the Department of Labor.


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