California restaurant bans crying children with ‘no loud kids’ policy

MONTEREY, Calif. — A popular restaurant in California has offended some parents after posting a sign that prohibits high chairs, booster seats, strollers, loud kids and crying babies.

The sign says loud children distract other diners. Some tourists believe the sign is offensive.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” tourist Teresa Colombani told KSBW. “I think kids need to know how to behave in restaurants, and if you, don’t take them to them, they don’t know how to behave and they shouldn’t be kept hidden away, so I think it’s ridiculous. Kids should be allowed in restaurants.”

The restaurant’s owner, Chris Shake, said if customers don’t like the rules, they can eat elsewhere. He is refusing to back down.

“If a place has the rules, that’s what the rules are,” Shake said. “You go in and abide by the rules or you find a place more suitable for you.”

The restaurant also lists the policy on its website.


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