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California restaurant bans crying children with ‘no loud kids’ policy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONTEREY, Calif. — A popular restaurant in California has offended some parents after posting a sign that prohibits high chairs, booster seats, strollers, loud kids and crying babies.

The sign says loud children distract other diners. Some tourists believe the sign is offensive.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” tourist Teresa Colombani told KSBW. “I think kids need to know how to behave in restaurants, and if you, don’t take them to them, they don’t know how to behave and they shouldn’t be kept hidden away, so I think it’s ridiculous. Kids should be allowed in restaurants.”

The restaurant’s owner, Chris Shake, said if customers don’t like the rules, they can eat elsewhere. He is refusing to back down.

“If a place has the rules, that’s what the rules are,” Shake said. “You go in and abide by the rules or you find a place more suitable for you.”

The restaurant also lists the policy on its website.


  • lovesaquietmeal

    How nice would it be to sit in a place and eat without a screaming crying brat. Kids nowadays are not taught to behave and that is surely what led to this sign. I see them running around the place, screaming, throwing things etc. The parents don’t discupline them or they think it’s cute. Your brat is not cute. My child knew better than to act up and behave like a wild animal.

    • Lorraine Bailey

      Kudos to you. I would not take my children to a restaurant until they were well behaved. It didn’t take long for them to listen. I actually will walk up to a table with children and compliment them on their well-behaved children and inform them that there are not many children like that. I also will say something to the waiter/waitress if there are screaming children and usually they will tell them or let us move, which we will gladly do. They don’t realize what their screaming does to a person with hearing aides. Yikes.

    • Wendy Wh

      I am the oldest of 8 kids. My parents never allowed us to misbehave in a restaurant, so I know it is possible to have a quiet restaurant visit. My husband and I choose our restaurants carefully because of loud noisy children who run amok in restaurants. rude noisy kids should be asked to leave when they demonstrate poor behavior. There are plenty of retaurants where they could be accommodated more easily. Funny thing…these kids grow up uncivilized and their employers have to send them to “charm school” to learn good manners. I have had to arrange such “training” which was paid for by the Employer, so the employee could be taken to high level customer meetings and not embarass the Corporation. That says something about the quality of some parenting skills.

    • Krystal Roberts

      Parents CAN’T punish their kids effectively anymore! If I even thought about executing the punishments I was given to my kids, I would be arrested.

  • Mr. Papageorgio

    Thank god! Finally a restaurant owner with some stones. This trend needs to spread throughout the country.

  • some persons opinion

    How about people lighten up some, this is ridiculous. Not all children are like that and adults should start acting like adults. If you want to eat at a place with no children go to the bar. I know this place will lose business. People cant afford babysitters to just go out and eat. I’m glad I don’t live in California anymore, we don’t have this problem in Texas.

    • HereYouGo

      So, those of us who have adult children, and just want some quiet time with no little kids around, need to go to a noisy bar to enjoy a meal. What if we don’t drink, and don’t like to be around people who drink? There are all kinds of places where you can go to take your children out to eat. There need to be some places for those who don’t want to hear children.

    • Chucky

      He doesn’t ban children all together… just the noisy ones. I like it. My parents took us out of the room if we started crying or getting loud and we didn’t like it when they did because it would be to spank us if we were misbehaving. I’ve seen parents who think nothing of letting their children run around other guests’ tables while they eat and ignore what their children are doing.

    • Stacy

      as a Texan I sure wished we did have this problem.. I have 4 children. they know how to behave….unfortunately many do not know And all are punished consequently… Great job imposing such a rule!!! wished I lived closer and I would dine there tonight!!

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Congress should pass a Law that includes all 50 States that no kids from age 6 months to 12 should be allowed in any Restaurant & if the parents don’t like it who cares because parents these days allow children to run Wild, Scream, Throw Food & not only in Restaurants but in Stores, Theaters, Local & Professional Ball Games, etc, etc, so, yeah, ban those kids until the Parents can Control them instead of allowing the Kids to control the situation….

    • Really?

      Do you have children? I can understand your point about discipline not being good in some parents in todays society, but to punish every parent sounds a little communistic. If we didn’t have so many adults complaining that a spanking is child abuse I could imagine that more parents would be willing to punish kids on the spot. Maybe, just maybe, parents of children who scream and run around are afraid of DSS paying them visit if they punish their child. I don’t know just a thought.

      • JT

        I love the rhetorical question, “Do you have children?” as if only those who have brood are qualified to comment on this. Also love how you link this to Communism (as if Marx and Engels used “right to restrict children” as one of the major principles of this economic theory, right up there with redistribution of wealth). No, it’s not Communism–read a book. This is capitalism, pure and simple. There is a market for a peaceful meal without having to hear your “precious miracles” scream like banshees at the top of their lungs, and this restaurant recognizes it and caters to those patrons. Wish more places would do this–it would prevent me from having to tell parents to take their screaming, filthy, germ-infested kids outside so I can enjoy the meal I paid for without hearing them or running the risk of catching the flu from their pint-sized petrie dishes.

  • LindaSue

    Love it ! As former restaurant owner, it is a fact that some parents just do not consider other diners when their own children act up. This restaurant would be high on my list of destinations.

    • theremom

      Me too. Cant stand when you go somewhere and the kids are acting like wild animals however I blame parents for this. All children have to be taught discipline. I didnt “wait” to get mine home if they acted up they got there arces tore up right there.

  • PJ

    I admire the restuarant owner. I raised children and they were taught to behave – in or out of public view. If they attempted to act up in a restuarant, we would ask for the bill and leave immediately. Restuarant owners would not have to ban children, if parents took the bull by the horn and respected all the patrons. I for one, enjoy having a quiet evening meal with my husband, where we do not have the yell and scream at each other in order to communicate. Kudos!

  • PJ

    I failed to mention, I enjoy evening meals with children, but the ones I enjoy are also taught to behave in public venues and not to disrupt the peace anad quiet that the other patrons are trying to enjoy.

  • jnr

    I agree as an educator and parent we need quiet time. Choose a child friendly place like chuck cheese. Sometimes people do not want to hear all that noise when they are trying to dine

  • Cat

    How insane. I would NEVER eat there or any place that did that. You can’t stereotype ALL kids. By not having high chairs or boosters they are trying to KEEP ALL KIDS away. I raised 4 properly mannered boys and I could take them anywhere. I now have two grandkids that are also properly mannered and raised. I will NOT eat anywhere that makes them feel unwanted.

    • Freddy

      No, it’s not insane. Actually it is quite awesome to have a little peace of mind in a restaurant without screaming kids all over the place. IMO, all restaurants should look up for this policy too, as soon as possible.

    • anom

      we’ve made those smokers feel unwelcome….but bring it on for the drunks!!! And I dont smoke or drink….but recently we sat in the bar area because it was pretty empty ….but the majority that came in had screaming kids….WHY WOULD YOU SIT IN THE BAR…dining area wasnt full either!!!!

    • Stacy

      It is called collateral damage. Life isn’t fair!! just because yours behave you don’t get to make the rules. I have 4 and they also behave but I applaud this idea! There are plenty other places for you to take your well behaved Children. Unfortunately there is not a scanner you run Children through to determine how well they behave.. just last month my well behaved family ate in a high end steak house and the table beside us was two beautiful ladies and their three demons from hell. One ripped down a curtain behind my table after playing ring around my table all while the ladies just smiled at us. Great Job need more places to follow your restaurants lead!!

  • bella07

    Great idea! This restaurant owner has a good idea.If you have unruly kids, you need to go elsewhere.

  • Sassy Grandmother

    I agree whole heartedly! My husband and I have said for years, back when there were no smoking sections, we wished there were no children sections as well. I am appalled at the behavior some parents let their children get away with. Some parents don’t want to actually parent, they want to be their child’s friend. Unfortunately, these ill-mannered children grow up to be the same type of adults.

  • anom

    hurry and get to the east coast……as far as punishment that all their ……..computers, phones and gadgets away from them… it’s crazy what kids are given at such a young age…..werent many resturant when I grew up but if you did get to go out you sat at the table like a HUMAN!!! Didnt have to be entertained, you sat quietly and ate!!

  • Leslie Boudousquie

    I don’t like the idea some parents have kids that has disabilities and they can not help it if they are loud or can not sat still i got a four year old daughter she is now learning how to sat in a restaurant she is artistic you should not take away restaurant away from parents some parents don’t want to go to chuck cheese all the time so the kids can play and run

    • haz cheezburger

      “has disabilities”, “sat still”, “got a four year old”, “learning how to sat”, “is artistic”. I think if you look back at your post you can see why your kid is so “artistic”.

    • bella07

      You can take her to a kid friendly place.If she is loud she shouldn’t be in a restaurant anyway.Maybe you should hire a sitter to go to a nice restaurant.

    • Stacy

      Even if you have a disabled child it doesn’t excuse poor behavior nor does it force others to have to suffer through your plight. My 14 year old has cerebral palsy. he suffers from severe cognitive issues as well. I am as understanding as they come to handicapped children. As I have told my son many times. The world doesn’t care about your must adapt to the world, the world will not adapt to you! In short, your handicapped child isn’t my problem he or she is yours. I don’t want to eat a meal and suffer no matter what the reason!!! “conform or contain” Sadly this is not about children with issues they cannot help suffering from…it is about pathetic parents who cannot raise a child to behave and act properly…

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