Women’s Resource Center helping Alamance Co. women find jobs

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- The Women's Resource Center of Alamance County is hoping to help unemployed women sharpen their skills and get back into the job market.

The Burlington nonprofit group just wrapped up a three-week series called "Get the Job: The Job Landing Series."

Participant Tara Hairston, 22, says the class and the WRC in general have helped her get her life on the right track.

She says she used to be intimidated by applying to jobs, as she has never had a job before and has a few misdemeanors on her record. Now, though, she says she's "ready to take the next step."

The series' teacher, Joy Lough, says she taught the "Get the Job" workshop for free because she can relate to the women's struggles. She's a single parent and domestic violence survivor who started her own company to help individuals and companies excel in business.

"The main takeaway is just to prepare yourself and just to be ready. Have your business cards ready," she says. "Have your elevator pitch, just be ready to sell yourself at any time."

The WRC hosts a different workshop, free of charge, every month. The next one will be on self-esteem. For more information, visit wrcac.org.