Sweet 5-year-old devastated after finding out her little brother has to grow up

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Meet 5-year-old Sadie. She was devastated to find out her little brother has to grow up.

Sadie’s parents told her that her baby brother won’t be a pudgy ball of cuteness forever.

Sadie was not happy to learn this bit of reality.

“He’s so cute,” she says while sobbing and kissing her brother. “Oh, you are so cute! I love your cute little smiles. Oh my gosh! I want him to stay little!”

Her brother, almost on cue, smiles at his loving sister.


  • its my business

    It’s time to take out pictures of the little girl when she was a baby and show them to her and talk t her about growing up. Apparently, something is very upsetting to her. Get a psychologist for a few weeks. I agree Bella07, this is not news.

  • Strange

    Why is this even here? I agree, this little girl needs counseling, and some help. For her to become unhinged about her little brother growing up, that’s kinda odd…. hardly the time to whip out the iPhone and start filming, then hand the video over to a “news” station, which obligingly puts it on its site, along with other newsworthy things like rain at a golf course, and a story about people breaking into cars, where all the reporter talks about is baby photos… :/ My word.

  • Ashley

    Do any of you even have children?? haha, kids cry for multitudes of crazy reasons, doesn’t mean this child needs a psyche evaluation. Sheesh.

  • Shae

    Awww so adorable. Glad the parents captured this moment on camera, and will be able to show her when she gets a little older.

    • Not cute or sweet.

      Maybe it’s nice that they can show her later. But, why do they submit it to a news channel? I am sure there are loads of places online to share “cute” kid videos. Not that I think a whining, sniveling kid is “cute”.

      • Beaufort born

        They didn’t submit it. This video, along with most other cute animal and kid videos, are from YouTube. I saw this particular one on yahoo on Monday.

  • j

    I think its sweet and a nice change to the ugly always in the news we could use more good things in the news.This world is an ugly place I am a mom of 4 and have a daughter this little girls age she is emotional about the grass lol does not mean they need therapy because the are emotional. Cute story thanks for posting it.

  • Ellie

    This is a normal reaction for a child that missed their nap or is over tired. And they don’t yet understand what their feeling are or why. She doesn’t even know she is tired, but I bet her parents do. Also it looks like she is in her nightgown anyway. No pysch evaluation needed. Time for bed!

  • Cat Daniels Brown

    It’s no biggie. She probably just started to understand about death and related that to growing up. Everyone goes through that. I sure did. I didn’t need counseling lol. It’s sweet.

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