Piedmont veteran promised a home 2 years ago still does not have one

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Sometimes, promises made with the best of intentions don’t always work out.

Almost two years ago, a nonprofit group named “Helping A Hero” promised to build Jessie Fletcher and his wife a new home.

Fletcher was a Marine sniper who lost both of his legs and parts of several fingers when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan in October 2011.

Even though they had a ground-breaking in Welcome in March 2013, Fletcher seemed to be about the only person who doubted that it would be built by last fall. And he was the only one who was correct.

In fact, the lot where they did the “ground-breaking” looks just as it did the day they had that ceremony, 15 months ago.

This edition of the Buckley Report looks at why nothing has been built and where things go from here.

If you want to help Fletcher, visit Tiny.cc/JessieFletcher.

You can also send checks to:

Good Hope UMC
P.O. Box  1448
Lexington, NC 27293


  • fight for our hero's, just like they fought for us

    It’s a shame for him to be lied too like that, If I had the money, I would have it built myself for him and his wife, This man fought for our country and for everyone who has a home, He deserves a home and to be taken care of by the people he fought for. I pray they get his home built very soon

  • Stephen

    Wow, these fraudsters are no different than the US Department of Defense and Veterans Administration! Empty promises.

  • COLA

    I challenge everyone to send $5.00. A little bit goes a long way! Let’s help this guy who helped us!

  • COLA

    Fox8 can you get some type of account set up at a local bank that money can be donated to? We don’t trust the organization!?!?

  • Tracy P

    Don’t know what happened with this project. Know that they have build other homes for disabled vets. Went to group breaking for Drew Mullee last fall in Kannapolis, NC and that house is finished. Hope this gets some attention and Jessie a home.

  • Dean

    There isn’t one organization that doesn’t misuse funds, it’s very sad when you see someone so deserving such as this young man! Unfortunately so many other veterans have taken advantage and are not deserving. Wounded Warrior Project is also a scam, really unfortunate!

  • Kent

    Why aren’t people asking Senator Burr some questions, he used the groundbreaking as a political event.

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