NC mom accused of biting infant, breaking 12 of his ribs

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh mother was arrested after police say she bit her 16-week-old baby and broke the child’s ribs and shoulder blades.

Mary Martin Peele, 34, of Okelly Street, was arrested Monday and charged with felony child abuse inflicting serious injury and misdemeanor child abuse.

According to WTVD, Peele broke 12 of her baby’s ribs and both scapula bones. She also allegedly made a deep bite wound on the boy’s shoulder.

Bond for Peele was set at $250,000. She was ordered not to have contact with any minor under the age of 18 without supervision.

Source: WTVD


  • B

    She needs a good killing. What kind of a monster does something like that? If someone did that to one of my babies I WOULD kill them. Slowly. Painfully. And if I got caught I would go to jail knowing justice was served.

  • Beaufort born

    And again.. This monster is a “victim of postpartum.” But not ghetto trash or an animal? Some of you are disgustingly standing up for a female that could’ve killed her baby! She is a worthless animal and should be prohibited from ever having a child again. Period.

    • jpborden

      you do realize she has only been charged and haven’t proven or convicted her yet? and nice to see you can diagnose her over a few paragraphs of a news report.

  • a m y

    She broke 12 ribs and both shoulder blades of a 16 week old, HER 16-week old. That is deplorable. What else is she capable of? It should be a high bond. That poor child was defenseless!

  • Nicole

    I completely agree. I am sick over the fact that this has happened. I would never see marty doing this to her precious boy and am so sad about the whole thing. I am hoping to here any other news soon.

  • Wouldn't you like to know

    Everyone up here who says “some people can’t have kids….etc; guess what, she was one of those people who believed she would never have kids and that probably would have been her remark about a case such as this one. So to people who know her it is hard to believe that this is such a cut and dry case that is all. People are so quick to judge.

  • David M.

    Ok…so we can only speak on the facts as we know them. Are you saying somebody else did all that damage to the baby and she didn’t now it? IF not, then she’s guilty as hell and deserves to be punished as much as possible. She’s crying now because she was caught, I doubt she cried when she injured her innocent baby. A parent who can do that to anyone deserves not to have their child.

  • Tamecca

    I just cant believe ppl r defending her. I dont care wait she was going thru, she shouldve brought her child 2 a family member if it was 2 much 4 her 2 bare

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