Rowan Co. father charged with assaulting softball coach after daughter ‘teased for having cancer’

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A teenage girl battling breast cancer says she might give up a sport she loves -- not because of her illness, but because of a brawl that happened during her last softball game.

Police responded to City Park in Charlotte last Saturday after a fight was reported.

The girl's family claims the other team teased her for having cancer, WSOC is reporting.

Hannah Roberts, 13, underwent a mastectomy a few months ago but has continued to play fast-pitch softball.

Hannah's mother says people were making fun of Hannah's illness calling her "cancer girl.”

So her father decided to do something about it. According to a police report, James Roberts, 41, walked over to the opposing team and struck a parent. A witness said it was over a "misunderstanding."

A fight broke out and the police were called.

Roberts was charged with assault and his court date is Sept. 4.

Source: WSOC


  • FaithC

    So the parents of the other team were calling here this? Or was it the kids? If it was the parents, shame on them and if it was the kids why did the parents and coach not stop it. Shame on all of them!!
    Glad this Dad did something.

  • Kaffie

    First Class Dad in my book! Shame on the others for making fun of the young lady . . . no one deserves to be made fun of!

  • Angie Bates

    My granddaughter was playing on another field and from what I understand it was parents from the other team that made these comments. These parents should not be allowed to participate or attend any future games. I can’t believe that the Salisbury police arrested the father for this. These parents would not like the fact that if their own daughters had cancer or that others made fun of their daughters. Hannah don’t quit honey, just look over ignorant people, which these people were.

  • corndog

    Classic case on why it is important to save your 1st offense for something worthwhile…… Assuming that it was indeed the parent that got punched heckling this girl……Or any child for that matter… kid deserves that from an adult for any reason at any time, illness or not……. I’d say karma just happened to take the form of a fist that day…. Well played dad!

  • Cyndi

    Anyone who would do this is a low-class piece of scum. Go dad! I guess people would prefer he sit by quietly while his child is tormented and emotionally torn apart. I don’t know many parents who would not stand up for their child. The other parents should have to do community service working with cancer patients so they can witness first-hand what is happening.

  • Terri Riley

    I want to know how the coach on the field knows what a parent is doing in the stands?I do know this type of thing goes on all the time everywhere and I do not EVER expect any of them to admit doing it. where is the video somebody has got to have one.

  • Ann

    Why on earth would anyone make fun of someone with cancer, are these children so ignorant?? and the parents just stand by and let the kids talk smack about a young girl, are they ignorant too?? So sick watching the news pr the feeds on social media like this~

  • JT

    I understand why the father might feel this way, but when he did this, he stooped to their level. Good opportunity for a teachable moment. Perhaps he could have told young Hanna, “See, honey–these are what we call idiots. They have taken a game–something designed to be fun–and ruined it by acting stupid. Now, if I go over there and cave their heads in for this, I will make the situation worse. You see, darling, sometimes ignoring stupid people is the best policy. If you react to them, they will do it again. But if you view them for what they are–oxygen thieves that contribute nothing to the world–and ignore them, they will go away. Now, get out there and slap that softball out of the park!”

    • Randy Dowdy

      Oh yea, it’s easy to say that, after all emotions have calmed down, and when it isn’t your child. The father taught the other kids on the other team a lesson, this is what happens when you act like a jerk, act so insensitive to others, you get your head bashed in………………so don’t act like a jerk…………I support what the father did, if things happened in the order that is printed.

      • JT

        Sure, emotions factor in–but that’s why an adult should calm down and act like an adult. But the point is the father met jerk behavior with jerk behavior. You have to set an example, and acting childish is not “teaching kids a lesson” (at least not the right one). Gotta be the bigger man here.

  • Bo Diddley

    The Salisbury cops are poorly trained and incompetent based on 2013 records. Most of them were rejected by other departments.

  • Kim

    I had cancer in high school. Oh, I wish I could talk to this young girl. I played sports too and can remember being made fun of. If I could talk to her, I would tell her to hang in there! I don’t understand why people do and say the things that they do, but let it be a fire under you to be better in every way. Not just today, but for the rest of your life. You are a fighter. You are very special. Oh, and my dad would have done the same thing. He went to the school a couple of times due to problems that I was having with some other students. Most were supportive, but some were ignorant and stupid. My problems with some others did hurt me. It still does when I think about it. But, I think it hurt my dad even more than it did me. He would have done the same thing.

  • robin bost

    The coach if he is sorry should go to court with MR.Roberts.Then the team would be known as a team that wanted things fixed.

  • robin bost

    Sweet girl you hold your head high,every one with a heart are giving you a big yea,!you are a bigger person than any of hold your head high they are just jealous .you go GIRL !!!!!!!!!!

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