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US, EU hit Russia with more sanctions as Ukraine fighting continues

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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced new U.S. sanctions against Russia, saying they will ratchet up pressure on Moscow for its failure to take steps to stop the conflict in Ukraine.

“If Russia continues on its current path, the cost on Russia will continue to grow,” Obama said, “and today is a reminder that the United States means what it says. We will rally the international community in standing up for the rights and freedom of people around the world.”

Among the new sanctions announced Tuesday: Three Moscow-based banks — Bank of Moscow; Russian Agricultural Bank; and VTB Bank OAO — will not be able to get new medium- and long-term financing in the United States, the U.S. Treasury Department said.

The sanctions are not part of a new Cold War, Obama said.

“What it is, is a very specific issue related to Russia’s unwillingness to recognize that Ukraine can chart its own path,” Obama said, referring to the sanctions.

“It didn’t have to come to this. It does not have to be this way,” Obama said. “This is a choice that Russia and President (Vladimir) Putin in particular has made. … The path for a peaceful resolution to this crisis involves recognizing the sovereignty, the territorial integrity and the independence of the Ukrainian people.”


  • sinner 3

    Hey people this clown is all ways good for a laugh !! NO third world country no matter how large has any real influence over countries with leaders!!

    • I Kill Children

      Yes!! Frank!! Too!! bad!! that!! America!! has!! NO!! choice!! but!! to!! elect!! criminals!! instead!! of!! ACTUAL!! leaders!! Washington!! is!! full!! of!! clowns!! and!! criminals!! that!! people!! like!! YOU!! elect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sinner 3

        How can you kill children such a cowardly act !! By the way I did not vote for any of these asewipes nor would I vote for you who has his head in his culo !!

      • I Kill Children

        Before you actually take my name for face value. Maybe you should try to Google to see where I got it from. The fact that you did take it for face value shows how easy people like you believe what your told, instead of doing any research or critical thinking. See there is a small minority of people in this country that still like to form their own opinions and ideas. When we present those ideas, people like you and the rednecks on here become offended and can’t handle that we were able to think outside of what Americans For Prosperity or Crossroads GPS told us to think.

  • stinger90

    That’s the ticket Obama because it’s working so well. You are a neo maxi zoom dweebie.
    I can’t believe how dumb people were to re-elect him into office again. How many retards would do the same for the third time if they could. Lol
    We are the laughing stock of the World.

    • I Kill Children

      No, it shows how sorry Republicans are when they has TWO chances, yet couldn’t nominate anyone that was good enough to defeat him. Republicans gave both elections up as much as Obama won both.

      • I Kill Children

        Nice try Frank. Would you like some French Cries to go with your Wahh Burger? So it’s my fault Republicans couldn’t get enough votes to beat Obama? I guess the “community orginizer” used those skills to easily defeat both the sorry nominee’s the republicans had. Go on and stereotype me as a liberal. Rednecks on here are good for that since they’re not good for anything else. Maybe before Washington destroys America, people will realise that Republicans and Democrats only give you the illision of choice. NEITHER party cares about the American People. Their approval rating reflects it.

        Oh and I’d rahter be a “kid killer” the a Republican. At least it’s more dignified.

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