Heritage House closing, residents moving out

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Residents at the Heritage House apartment complex spent the day packing and moving before having to leave Wednesday morning.

The building’s water and electricity will be shut off Wednesday, forcing the entire 178-unit building to close and be boarded up.

Some residents like Michael Poteat-Goode and his wife Sunshine found new housing on their own. They’re renting a two-bedroom house and are looking forward to moving out.

"Good riddance, I hope they put a bulldozer to it," Poteat-Goode said.

The city shut the building down because of past due water and electricity bills.

Residents say living conditions in the building had been unbearable for years.

In June, city inspectors found more than 830 housing code violations, including broken smoke alarms, bedbugs and roach infestations.

The city has been working with landlords to help find housing for at least 100 residents.

Those who still don’t have housing will stay at the shelter at the Interactive Resource Center, which is converting from a day shelter to a 24-hour shelter for the next two weeks.



  • looky

    Next place they go to tell all the news people to go see what it looks like!! Would like to see a follow up on there pitiful story !!

  • Patricia G.

    What I don’t understand is with the city inspectors Greensboro has WHY, did it take so long to get something done! Oh yeah, forgot, City Council doesn’t want to do their jobs as they are supposed to do. They only want to know how and where they can cost taxpayers more $$$$$, for doing NOTHING.

    • Iama Retiree

      The City of Greensboro has made a windfall here – they will go in and shovel out the place, fumigate to get rid of the lingering varmints —- do some overhaul and they have themselves a nice office space to expand to —– At this point, it will never be used for housing —- that neighborhood always makes the worse — worse !

  • Sherrie B.

    These residents are the very ones who let this building get into this shape..And they will now go elsewhere and do the very same thing..If the place is bedbug and roach infested why are they allowed to take anything with them just to infest their new housing? Bedbugs and roach eggs get on everything and in everything…None of these people would be allowed anywhere near a dwelling I was renting out..I feel sorry for their new landlords..

    • Iama Retiree

      @ SHERRIE B.
      You are partially correct in what you say, however, the LANDLORDS also are a player here too …. They allowed this to happen – Not paying their bills and allowing anyone and everyone to live there was the demise of that hell hole …… It is Good Riddance …… Maybe that Nursing Home whose property adjoins that can now be at least halfway safe and secure !

  • FaithC

    Thy don’t build slums. Maybe if the people who lived there would get off their lazy a*sses and keep their unit clean, then maybe they would not have infestation problems. The places they move into will be a slum in a matter of months. The crime will also follow.

  • Iama Retiree

    @ “JENNIFER” – Karma has a strange way of repaying those who are greedy and take advantage of the less fortunate – Looks like your “investment” in the 5 condos in this hell hole certainly repaid you triple fold! To answer your earlier question —— Sorry, the City of Greensboro will not be reimbursing you for your loss. The only gain you have made here is your sorry bragging on here about taking advantage of people and laughing about it …..
    Good riddance of the Heritage House and good riddance of “JENNIFER” and her “better than thou attitude” on this website ….. Enjoy that “$700,000 house” — opps I meant to say Section 8 housing you are living in …. Since you claim you made back triple your investment on these good for nothing souls — Karma will revisit you later again, Rest Assured !

    • 6%

      You must love jennifer dude….all you talk about on any Heritage article is Jennifer this and Jennifer that…all negative, I understand, but get over it…She does not care nor does anybody else. They will hopefully bulldoze this place and lets hope all the residents learn to take care of themselves and their belongings because someone else said it perfect – “Slums do not build themselves”….so lets hope these people will start to take care of the little stuff they have and do not make a new infestation of slums elsewhere.

      • Iama Retiree

        @ “6%” –
        Actually “6%”, I am leaning on “Jennifer” not because I love her or even care one way or the other but because she came on here bragging about owning 5 units there ( which I do not believe) and whining that City of Greensboro should make her whole out of the deal — Secondly, she went on further to brag that she was an attorney and lived in a $700,000 house because of the money she made off those condos. “Jennifer” is a first class biotch – As far as me commenting, that is my right and if my comments offend you or you don’t like them, you are free to slide right by and not read them. In actuality, I am no different than everyone else on here expressing my opinion however silly you might think it is …… Karma always gets those who think they are better than everyone else — what goes around, comes around ……

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