Heritage House closing, residents moving out

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Residents at the Heritage House apartment complex spent the day packing and moving before having to leave Wednesday morning.

The building’s water and electricity will be shut off Wednesday, forcing the entire 178-unit building to close and be boarded up.

Some residents like Michael Poteat-Goode and his wife Sunshine found new housing on their own. They’re renting a two-bedroom house and are looking forward to moving out.

“Good riddance, I hope they put a bulldozer to it,” Poteat-Goode said.

The city shut the building down because of past due water and electricity bills.

Residents say living conditions in the building had been unbearable for years.

In June, city inspectors found more than 830 housing code violations, including broken smoke alarms, bedbugs and roach infestations.

The city has been working with landlords to help find housing for at least 100 residents.

Those who still don’t have housing will stay at the shelter at the Interactive Resource Center, which is converting from a day shelter to a 24-hour shelter for the next two weeks.



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